Refund and cancellation policy

At Sterling Technolabs Pvt. Ltd., we are committed to providing our clients with high quality software development services and strive to ensure their satisfaction. In the event that a client is not satisfied with our services, we have a fair and transparent refund and cancellation policy in place to address any issues that may arise.


We do not offer refunds for our services. However, if a client is experiencing issues with the quality of our services, they may request a review of their project by contacting our customer support team. In order to process a review request, the client must provide a detailed explanation of the issues they have encountered and any supporting documentation, such as error logs or screenshots.
Our team will review the request and, if it is determined that the issues were caused by our team’s error, we may offer to correct the issues at no additional cost to the client. If the issues were caused by the client’s own actions or external factors, we may offer suggestions for how to address the issues, but no refund will be issued.


If a client wishes to cancel their project before it is completed, they may provide written notice to our team. The amount of the refund, if any, will depend on the stage of the project at the time of cancellation.
  • If the project has not yet begun, the client may be eligible to receive a partial refund of any deposits or advance payments made, minus any fees or expenses incurred by our team in preparing for the project. The amount of the refund will be determined on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.
  • If the project is in progress, the client will not be eligible for a refund. Any payments made for work completed up to the time of cancellation will be considered final and non-refundable.
  • If the project has been completed, no refund will be issued.
Please note that this refund and cancellation policy is subject to change at any time at our discretion. We encourage our clients to review this policy regularly to stay informed of any updates.
Thank you for choosing Sterling Technolabs Pvt. Ltd. for your software development needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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