Sterling Technolabs Engagement Models

With high flexibility, response and dedication, Sterling Technolab devises mutually benefiting engagement models for exponential growth and transparent service.


We achieve maximum transparency in all of our workflows, procedures, interactions, and delivery updates by following high and standard norms.


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We tailor our engagement models to meet and address your company demands, with flexibility offered at every step.


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Cost Effective

Our pricing productivity is achieved by combining streamlined costs with an extended management staff.


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To stay on top, we make it a point to pay close attention to every stage of the delivery process.

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Real-Time Top Business Engagement Models

Keep it ready-to-launch with our precisely modelled engagement patterns to help you pace up with quality and potency!

Fixed Price Model
  • A fixed cost pricing model is one that ensures a fixed budget for a project irrespective of time or cost.

  • Unlike the others, all criteria are clearly outlined in a fixed price contract

  • You will know precisely how much your web project will price and there won't be any concealed fees.

  • This price strategy does not necessitate your involvement and control at each stage of the process.

  • The contract explicitly states the requirements, expectations, and success criteria.

  • You can also use a fixed price contract to limit costs and pass risks to the vendor.

  • Managing fixed-price contracts necessitated a higher level of expertise.

  • This model is also called a Project based model.

  • The fixed pricing model is ideal for small and medium-sized projects with well specified requirements.

  • The service provider is driven to be as efficient and productive as possible.

Time & Material Model
  • You only pay for the time and resources spent on the project under the Time and Material engagement model.

  • It assists in keeping up with the most recent modifications, and achieving this aim is simple.

  • Payments are made after every stage of the project according to your needs.

  • Under this arrangement, the development team is not bound by specific budgets or timeframes.

  • This paradigm is appropriate for long-term projects with a broad area of activity.

  • This allows you to change the workload, materials, and design. You pay for the job when the assignment is finished, and developers begin working on the following session.

  • This allows you to keep track of the workflow, regulate the outcome of each event that occurs, and provide input.

  • This works well with today's agile approaches.

  • The goal of this methodology is to provide a high-quality product.

Hire Dedicated Developers
  • A dedicated development team model is one in which we engage remote professionals to help you realize the project concept.

  • Consequently, a dedicated development team assumes full responsibility for the implementation and typically works as a team.

  • Dedicated recruiting allows you to acquire offshore talent that is a perfect complement for your needs.

  • In the following conditions, dedicated teams are the most effective: Long-term initiatives involving large-scale and unpredictably changing conditions.

  • This expertise works in tandem with your in-house team.

  • It will provide you with transparency, security, and flexibility on demand.

  • The development team seeks to operate in a task-oriented manner.

  • Professional developers create high-quality leads that help company agility while also increasing competitive pressure.

  • Hiring the greatest team of pros will provide you an excellent opportunity to learn something new.

  • The developers chosen have a significant commitment to gratify their clients.

Keeping up with Hybrid Models

Upgrade Traditional engagement models with a mix-and-match for modern and market-essential services, which saves fortune and productivity.

Combination of Fixed Price and Hire Dedicated Developers Model
  • The work is done on a fixed-cost, milestone-based basis. It aids in the proper planning of a software's deployment.

  • It is highly cost-effective and easy to coordinate.

  • It is highly recommended for Product development.

  • It helps businesses engage with foreseeing trends.

  • By building the fundamental structure for the solution, requirements and a few select modules are developed on a dedicated resourcing recruiting model.

Combination of Fixed Price, Time & Material Models
  • In a combination of fixed price and time & material model, the requirement collecting phase is done hourly, and after the necessary needs have been identified, development begins on a fixed cost basis.

  • In this model, there will be a client chosen deadline but can extend the project as per their needs.

  • It is suitable for both product and solution launch.

  • It is cost-effective and suitable for moderate and long term projects.

  • Also, helps foresee requirements before assigning timely tasks.

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