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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Work From Home?

Advancements in Personal technology and Digital connectivity had people asking whether we need to be present in an office setup. The pandemic gave the answer to this and bought with itself a new work culture ‘Work from Home’. Working from home may sound appealing. However, like any job, There are a number of drawbacks of working from home. A person may experience a better work-life balance but on the other hand, one can experience stress and anxiety.

There are a vast number of jobs nowadays where you can work from the comforts of your home without worrying about commuting and bad weather. You fix your own schedule and work according to your convenience. Moreover, You can get a remote job from anywhere in the world. However, sitting in front of a computer for hours may cause exhaustion. 

In this article, we will talk about the Advantages and Disadvantages of the Work from home jobs. If you’re a working professional and looking for guidance in what mode to choose. The following will help you decide what fits you the best. 

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Work From Home Advantages 

Saves Time

People usually travel across the town to reach their office. This consumes approximately 3-4 hours a day. The amount of time wasted can be utilized in something productive. Work from Home jobs eliminates this commute time. You can just wake up from sleep and start working immediately. The time saved can be spent on learning a skill or spending time with loved ones. 

Saves Money

Most people who travel to work use their own vehicle. Fuel and maintenance of the vehicle cost a lot of money. Others who travel by public transportation such as subways, buses, or shared cabs are also very expensive. Work from home cut all these expenses. The money you save can be invested as well as saved for an emergency. 

With the rise of work from home(WFH), Companies can function smoothly without having an actual office or site. Companies and Businesses save a huge amount of money which is spent on office setup, internet, and electricity bills and maintenance. When such costs are cut down profits are increased by a significant amount. 

More Work Flexibility

Work from Home comes with more convenience as you don’t have to make any time commitments. Also, you can work from anywhere in the world. Most work-from-home jobs come with the benefit of working outside the office hours. That means a working professional will have more independence. And have more control over their lives. Work from home jobs is really helpful for people who have the responsibility of a child or an elderly parent.

Collaborate Across Locations

Work from home eliminates geographical limitations. Professionals may work together and build their enterprises all around the world. We can very easily have business with someone living on the other side of the globe. For instance, communicating with someone in The United States while sitting in a small village in India. Work from home jobs also gives international exposure to a professional.

Healthy Work-Life Balance

In traditional jobs, the responsibility of the home takes a backseat. Whereas, a Work from Home setup provides a great work-life balance. It is a great gift for parents with small children as well as people who live with an elderly person. 

Taking care of the family becomes easier than ever. You also get time for recreational purposes and self-care. Without a doubt working from home helps in being connected to your family.

Work From Home Disadvantages

Effect on Mental Health

In normal office settings, you meet and interact with your co-workers every day face-to-face. To work from home you must find a quiet room. Which leads to sitting alone in front of the computer for a long time. Moreover, there is no support from coworkers. Also, there is no social interaction with anyone. Therefore, this may lead to isolation for a very long time. Since human is social animal. This may lead to mental health issues. Work from Home may cause anxiety and the worst case may cause depression. It is important for individuals to seek help from professionals.


In a conventional job, people leave work stress behind in the office. And, would go home to relax. However, in a Work from Home job, employees fail to set boundaries between personal life and work life. Which in return can cause more working hours. In other words, increased sense of overwork and emotional strain. Employees may feel exhausted in this work setting. This can be solved by separating work hours and personal time. 

No Perks in Work From Home Job

Work from home jobs doesn’t come with the same perks as working in an office. Most, work from home jobs do not provide health insurance or provident fund. You have to save money for getting all these benefits on your own because companies do not provide them. You do not get the benefits of socializing at an office party. Nor do you get free meals some companies provide in their offices. 


It is difficult to find a quiet place at home. TV, household chores, children, and pets can cause background noises. These background noises can cause distraction and hence decrease productivity. Also, such distractions look unprofessional in a meeting. Employees must arrange for a separate room where they can work with no distractions.  

Disconnect From Workplace

Employees feel disconnected from the office in this setting because you rarely meet and talk to your co-workers. Some people get lonely while they are working from home. Therefore, may lead to decreased productivity and low motivation  Also because of the communication gap in online mode, you don’t have immediate access to important information. The information doesn’t reach you until someone communicates with you. Employees must constantly communicate with the workplace to not feel disconnected.  

In conclusion, Work from home jobs is a great option for someone who has to take care of someone. If you feel stressed and isolated working alone, an office setting is better for them.


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