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We build your UI UX designs with precision, on-time delivery and a broad array of visionary graphic knowledge.
As leading UI-UX design company, we specialize in streamlining, engaging and productive design incorporation.

India’s leading UI UX Design Company

Leading as India’s Exclusive Sleek UI UX Design Company, Sterling Technolabs has an elite network of professionally certified and handpicked UI UX designers team and brand development.

How do We Excel at Our Designing Services?

Standing beyond “At par” with every trend, Sterling Technolabs has an extensive set of UI UX Design services that venture out with thorough skills and challenging outputs.

Information Architecture supported UI

We follow a disciplined approach to robust Information Architecture backend UI, allowing our clients to focus on numerous tasks while maintaining the backbone of the entire operation.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Our UI UX Design team’s product runs seamlessly on a variety of operating systems and device.

Mobile-First Approach

Your involvement will stay consistent with Sterling Technolabs’ mobile-first strategy, and the layout will be more consumer-friendly. We place a great focus on making business venture technology more accessible.

Latest Technology Stack

With Sterling Technolab’s UI UX Design talents, explore the popular tech stack services by engaging tools, frameworks, and libraries.

Additional Benefits of our UI UX Design Services

Glitchfree Navigation

SEO Friendly Solutions

Deep Customer Analysis

Meticulous Design with clean code

Top Notch UI UX Design Company

Sterling Technolabs is a worldwide accessible technology platform for innovative UI UX Design services. We provide interactive designs with simplified and flexible custom-made initiatives to achieve optimal economic growth.

Industry Specific Solutions

We are a full-service staffing firm founded by a group of forward-thinking executives with backgrounds in technology, and management that contributes to our overall strength and qualification to serve your unique demands.

Powerful Web Solutions

We’ve completed over 220 projects with our reputable site design, SEO, robust solution development, and other web services. .

E-commerce Websites

We create an eCommerce website based on your requirements, develop and arrange your information and items for efficient online presentation.

Personalized Web Portals

Sales can be increased, customer service can be improved, and content delivery can be streamlined with the properly customized web portal.

SAAS Products

We assist with software distribution and licencing, which involves accessing the software via a membership instead of purchasing and installing it.

Interactive Mobile Apps

Our interactive mobile designs will help your customers find self-help services online. The UI UX designs are planned and developed objecting to “Individual empowerment”. .

Visual Design Templates

Our UI UX Design offers a wide range of visual design template services, including one-of-a-kind and professional template design services that may help businesses stand out.

UI Testing

Our UI UX Design company’s UI testing focuses on ensuring that the software user interface meets the criteria of working comfortably with the users.

What makes us best in class UI UX Design company?

We provide superior UX Research, Design, and Development services that are process-driven and result-oriented.
Our best user-centred design programs support our customers in creating a reliable and efficient user experience that maximises their rate of return.
Group of Business People

Consumer-Focused Approach

We enhance your concepts and goals with an outstanding customer focus methodology for adding high core value to your projects with our “customer-first” approach.

Seamless control of Apps

Improve staff productivity by enhancing security and making new and better designs more accessible. Our coordinated efforts assist you in securing your UI UX design management.

Highly Scalable Solutions

Using our technique, you have a lot of flexibility in terms of expanding your project volumes and selecting the correct size of designs for the UI UX Design.

Full Cycle Development

The complete software development lifecycle, covering specifications, development, testing, implementation, and operations, is managed by our UI UX development team.

Similar Services

We have the perfect services for your project


Our services assist clients in getting the most out of their projects; for more information about our UI UX design firm, see our frequently asked questions section.
Sterling Technolabs provides a variety of UI/UX design services, many of which are listed below: • Mobile app development service • Web app development service • Service of logo design • Creation of a brand identity • Service of graphic design
The user interface, or UI, refers to the visual components that people engage with when using your app or product. The user experience, or UX, refers to how a person interacts with a product or programme. Colours, menubars, typography, and other visual aspects are used more frequently in UI design to enhance the overall appearance and feel of the programme. The user experience, on the other hand, focuses on the user’s experience through the system or software. The differences are: • UI has an artistic component, but UX has a social component • UI deals with interaction quality, whereas UX deals with utility and purpose • UI focuses on technical components, whilst UX focuses on project management
The price of UX/UI design is determined by your specifications. The following are the general aspects that influence the expense of UX/UI design: The total number of screens to be created Product category and type Description and considerations The intricacy of the design Animation and other features are required.
Sterling Technolabs has a pitch-perfect plan for the execution of your project. Here are the steps we follow: Upon receiving the contract, we make sure to appoint a unique focus of communication, such as a project manager. This manager is in charge of providing the customer with frequent project updates. To begin, the project manager examines the specifications in-depth to determine your precise demands and ambitions. We proceed on to the real UI/UX design approach after the specifications are clear and concise. We go through several stages in this process, from strategy and study through drawing, test automation, and prototyping. We make certain that the customer is involved at every phase and that they are able to offer feedback whenever they see fit. When the design is complete and meets the client’s requirements, we provide the designs or continue to develop them to meet the client’s requirements.
Our UI UX Design company employs a variety of tools and approaches for UI/UX design, depending on the process and decision. Designers currently use the following methods and software: • Figma • Sketch • Adobe XD • Photoshop • Zeplin • After Effects • Illustrator
Sterling Technolabs offers quality and standard engagement models including projects with fixed cost, time & material pay, hiring dedicated developers or building your own team.
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