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Top 10 Ways To Make Your Website Accessible

What is Website Accessibility?

People with impairments can utilise websites and online tools that are appropriately designed and programmed. However, many websites and products are already built with accessibility hurdles, making them difficult or impossible to use for some individuals.

It is necessary that the Internet be accessible in order to offer people with varying abilities with equal access and opportunities. The capacity to access information and communications technology, including the Internet, is described as a core human right – access means that equipment, services, and goods are accessible to individuals with disabilities.

Some people require the use of assistive technology in order to access these resources. Individuals, businesses, and society all gain from making the internet more accessible. What is required for accessibility is defined by international web standards.

What are the Advantages of Website Accessibility?

It’s only excellent business sense to make your website more accessible.

  • For persons with disabilities, their families, and disability rights advocates, web accessibility is a critical issue.
  • Creating an accessible website does more than only make your site more useful; it also improves your search engine optimization, making your site more likely to be found (SEO).
  • In this view, accessibility may be seen as a subset or overlapping idea of usability, which strives to improve the usability and user experience of a product or service.
  • As a final benefit for your engineers and designers, websites built with accessibility in mind tend to have higher-quality code.
  • One of the most popular misconceptions about online accessibility is that it solely benefits persons with impairments.
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Top 10 Ways To Make Your Website Accessible

How can you make your website more accessible? Here are the top 10 ways:

High Accessibility Site-Building Platform

  • Picking a website builder, also known as a website platform, is similar to establishing the framework for a house.
  • Whatever that comes next, including the appearance, performance, consumer experience, administration, expansion, and much more, will be influenced by this decision.
  • It’s normally advised that you choose a website builder that includes a CMS-content management system, since this will provide you greater control over your site.
  • A content management system (CMS) allows you to store photographs, videos, PDFs, and other files. As a result, it is more accessible.
  • These assist you in quickly creating your dream website with different and changeable settings that fit your preferences.

Semantic Markup Usage

  • Paragraph tags are used to mark up information that is a paragraph of text. List tags are used when you have a list of things. An ordered list is used when the list elements have some sort of order, whereas an unordered list is used when the order isn’t significant.
  • Semantic HTML has unquestionably become a cornerstone of web development. When you’re not sure which component should be utilised for a type of content, it’s best to pick one and stick with it throughout the site.
  • Some of the elements, including font, centre, and large, are now outdated, and CSS has taken their place.

Keyboard-Friendly is Highly Recommended

  • The keyboard must be able to do all functions. Users can use the Tab key and other keystrokes to access and move between links, buttons, forms, and other features.
  • Links, buttons, and form elements are native HTML controls that operate with the keyboard by convention and should be utilised wherever feasible. For keyboard compatibility, custom controls, CSS styles, and scripts that govern interaction may require additional code.
  • Web Pages should not need the use of a mouse; pop-up calendars, for example, should allow users to enter in such a date. To allow the keyboard to navigate around the content and controls, make sure the tab order is reasonable.

Alt Text to Images is Prime

  • A bit of comprehensive information explaining what an image depicts is known as alt text, also known as an alt attribute, alt description, or alt tag.
  • Alt tags enable search engine crawlers to contextualise what a picture is showing, helping them to properly index the image.
  • When browsers are unable to show a website properly, meaning the pictures are not displayed, alt text is also vital.
  • As a consequence, alt-text is critical for search engines to better comprehend a website and offer users with the best possible results while searching online.

Testing with CSS and JavaScript disabled

  • When JavaScript and CSS are disabled and the feature does not relate to documentation, your only option is to trust your intuition. It is possible to discover frequent system faults.
  • If JavaScript is deactivated on an unprepared website, the incorrect layout of the web pages can be seen.
  • For content updates, tabs and pages containing search results require a page reload. Previously, JavaScript was updated without requiring a page reload.
  • JavaScript and CSS are two programming languages that are excellent for creating functional scenarios and website design.

Better Website Complexity

  • In web design, minimalism refers to the removal of extraneous elements that clutter your site. This may be accomplished by simplifying the design and focusing only on good user experience (UX), which is becoming an increasingly critical component of any successful website.
  • Too many colours, typefaces, and other aesthetic aspects on a website get in the way of what matters most.
  • A website should be simple to browse so that people can locate what they’re looking for without becoming lost or sidetracked by irrelevant information.

ARIA Landmarks Importance

  • ARIA landmarks are properties that you may apply to components to establish semantically defined portions of a page that make it easier for assistive technology users to traverse.
  • Because ARIA Landmarks are well-supported by screen readers, most users will be able to use them. This supplemental part can be accessed by a user who is interested in learning more about it.

White Space Essentiality

  • White space increases a website’s readability and scanability, making it one of the finest methods to generate a solid first impression.
  • When used correctly, it can boost readability by up to 20%.
  • White space provides visual cues to visitors on how to interpret the content.
  • White space allows your material to breathe and helps you deliver your main message more effectively.
  • By showcasing what’s important, a de-cluttered interface helps to prevent any misunderstanding.

Mobile Website Testing

  • The chart above shows that mobile data traffic will continue to grow quickly in the future. It also shows that consumer expectations for mobile websites are higher than they have ever been.
  • A mobile-friendly website may be visited from any mobile phone using any browser. Mobile website testing ensures that your site is compatible with all major mobile phones.
  • Users will have a better experience on a mobile-friendly website than on a desktop since they will be able to view all of your site’s information on a compact and suitable device.

High Contrast Colour Schemes Testing

  • Among the most common reasons for early desertion is the use of inadequate colour schemes that make the text difficult to read. The difference in contrast between two colours is measured by the Colour Contrast Ratio.
  • The greater the number, the simpler it is to tell the difference between the foreground and background objects. Colours can be contrasted in a variety of ways, including hue, value, and saturation.
  • Testing colour contrast ratio as early as feasible in the design phase is a good workflow practice, since it will be difficult to persuade your customer to modify the site’s colour scheme later on.

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