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Reasons you should consider Kentico As CMS

Reasons you should consider Kentico As CMS

Top Reasons to Consider Kentico as Your Next CMS

In this blog article you will be learning about Kentico CMS and why you should consider it for use. But before that, you need to understand what Kentico CMS is, the advantages of kentico development, and some other aspects. Kentico is a versatile web content management system that is used for developing feature-rich websites for commercial purposes. Those commercial purposes include e-commerce websites, company profile websites, online stores, intranets, etc. To build all those kinds of websites Kentico utilizes Microsoft SQL Server and ASP.NET via its portal engine with the help of Visual Studio or through Microsoft MVC. Kentico is compatible with Microsoft Azure and is easy to use along with the implementations of a ton of features and functionalities.

Those who have used the Kentico for CMS development already know that it is one of the best platforms which provides best-in-class content management system features with the help of robust tools. It supports multilingual content and authorization of content. The workflows and versioning continue to operate very smoothly. These tools of Kentico Xperience have developed further with time and are continuously improving to ease the process of content management in marketing.

What Is Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS development services integrate content management with digital marketing together within a single platform. This helps its users in collecting and arranging data in such a way that serves a personalized experience to the audience that you targeted. The transition from traditional content management tools to DXP was one of the radical shifts that was carried out by Kentico to keep up with the market trends. Kentico Xperience is one of the best web content management systems. Kentico’s headquarters are located in Bedford, New Hampshire, United States. The current version of Kentico CMS is named as Kentico Xperience 13 Refresh 7, which was released  on 29th September 2022.

Kentico CMS helps the developers to completely transform the productivity of the organization and improve all the collaborations by giving outputs of highly effective and robust intranet solutions. The Kentico CMS evaluated the processes of business management as there is no such need for hectic endless meetings and countless documents with the introduction of this technology. Kentico CMS empowers the workforce and involves in the enhancement of team efficiency and performance for better co-ordinations and effective project results. Thus, Kentico developers are capable of developing very impactful e-commerce stores for retailers of all scales. Kentico CMS helps to update and evaluate e-commerce trade or online stores with powerful Kentico e-commerce solutions that are safe and secure to use.

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Kentico CMS Business Model

Kentico CMS was utilized in creating exceptional digital commerce results with the implementation of Kentico Xperience. It was used in creating innovative websites and web applications that harnessed the DXP’s potential and delivered an outstanding user experience. The significance of Kentico CMS in achieving the brand objectives of many big, small, and medium companies is exceptionally outstanding. Kentico helps you surpass all the limits of your CMS by giving you a very unified digital experience platform. It helps you accelerate growth and develop maturity levels of digital business experience with unified DXP. This helps you create next-generation websites and efficiency in content management like never before.

This is a new digital experience platform that history has never seen. This can be easily accessed by digital marketers to grow their marketing business by providing advertising services to companies. You can join the Xperience Adopters program to access the Xperience earlier. You can trust this as it is a future-proof SaaS DXP that offers very flexible benefits along with speed and reliability. You can create beautiful digital experiences for your target audience and be a step ahead in marketing by leveraging unique and out-of-the-box functionalities and an always-ready framework that can empower the business world in executing campaigns faster with almost no coding technologies.

Costs Of Kentico CMS

The cost of implementing Kentico CMS varies on the different packages you want to purchase. For Kentico Xperience Business, the subscription fee is $10,500 per year subscription license. It provides you a smooth and flawless shopping experience. The content management and commercial tools are included along with the inclusion of 24/7 global support and a one-week bug fix policy. It has unlimited editors, pages, and developers, unlimited online communities, SharePoint CMS integration, continuous integration, staging and synchronization, web analytics, and a perpetual license that starts from $14,999.

Another package named Kentico Xperience Enterprise will cost you $18,900 as an annual subscription licensing fee. It is used to develop next-generation websites with ultimate digital marketing capabilities including business plus digital marketing and commercial tools. This includes global 24/7 support and one weekly bug fix policy. It will provide you with unlimited editors, pages, and developers, unlimited web content management, integration of strands recommender, marketing automation, personas, and a perpetual license that starts from $29,999.

There is a full-fledged service named Kentico Xperience Corporate also provided whose price can be known on request. This is used by large-scale businesses in projects that benefit like enterprise plus unlimited server licenses, fee-of-cost training programs, premium support, and source code. This also includes 24/7 global support and a one-week n=bug fix policy like the former ones. It also includes unlimited features, unlimited server licenses, Kentico source code, and free training. Here the perpetual cost is also disclosed only on request.

Features Of Kentico CMSFeatures Kentico CMS development

  1. Page builder: The page builder can effortlessly design amazing pages by using a drag-and-drop interface. The page builder uses widgets and can personalize any type of content of any type or size.
  2. Structured Content: This feature helps you manage different types of content and create very organized and structured content that you can use multiple times on multiple websites and many channels.
  3. Digital Asset Management: The digital asset management feature helps you create libraries of media that ease the process of storing pictures, music, video files, documents, presentations, and many more, and in various channels, you can display them.
  4. Multilingual Content: This feature helps to manage the websites in many different languages by displaying relevant language versions and staying on top of the translated pages.
  5. Workflows And Versioning: This feature allows you to define the steps of workflow and keep track of the activities for efficient management of content and its approval throughout the lifecycle of the content
  6. Payment Providers: You can integrate the choice of your payment methods easily and then make payments with an easy checkout process is an integral part of Kentico CMS.
  7. Authentication: Through Kentico CMS, you can authenticate a lot of visitors using a large variety of authentication methods available.
  8. Other Features: There are also many other features such as multi-site management, marketing automation, personalization, campaign management, email marketing, recommendations, search, form builder, social marketing, SEO, and the list goes on and on. Certainly, it is one of the most advanced platforms for professional web development.

Pros Of Kentico CMS

  • People find it very easy to contribute and communicate with Kentico CMS concerning the benefits of clients which is certainly a good indicator to prove the platform’s abilities.
  • It is indeed extremely easy to use and that’s why developing advanced websites is efficiently done in less time with the help of it. It is scalable for those factors which all the clients need. That is why it is extremely beneficial.
  • It offers very flexible and robust CMS features which are useful in generating responsive content-based websites. This makes it very useful for e-commerce businesses for managing and maintaining every content without any sort of disruption of deployments.
  • Kentico’s EMS MVC page builder is an extremely flexible system that allows developers to develop a website effortlessly without any hassle.
  • The integration of external and internal services including payment gateways and all perform very efficiently with utmost safety and security. Those include PayPal, Google SSO, and many other different SMM services. The user-friendly admin panel provided by every kentico development company helps manage all the entries of content.
  • Kentico, itself is also building an enriched set of tools, features, and functionalities that eases further the process of creating more complex systems. This will include several integrations which will make business management activities breezing.
  • Kentico CMS is also one of the most problem-free CMS that works impeccably with any kind of hosting server. You can comfortably engage in activities such as designing websites, putting content into them, using Kentico, and creating required pages with the most satisfactory outputs.
  • Some people say Kentico is also more affordable than some platforms and also performs better than them. The tools of Kentico CMS proved to be very progressive.
  • Kentico CMS provides support to a wider range of approaches like portal engine, MVC, etc. You can also design a much greater website just by dragging and dropping all the web parts.
  • The overall service experience with Kentico Xperience is really rewarding. It provides a lot of functionalities to the clients and servers. This platform is very well positioned in terms of cost-effectiveness and supporting various business activities.
  • The service support from Kentico is extremely useful as the company’s support team is very helpful and is committed to fixing bugs within accelerated timelines by enforcing on themselves. They are also environment-friendly as they plant trees for each bug found.

While these were the benefits of CMS development with kentico there are also certain disadvantages or cons,

Cons Of Kentico CMS

  • Some people believe that it is a bit on the costlier side. It is not a free CMS, every user of it has to pay a minimum of around $4,499 for a Kentico CMS base. It is also a single-sited licensing fee. This amount includes free maintenance, technical support, and upgrades.
  • Although the content management system is pretty good and super easy to use initially, it is hard to adapt since it requires proper training of the employees who will be using it.
  • Presently there is no chat support.
  • The email marketing features are not user-friendly at all.
  • It does not go well with small businesses; it only serves the purposes of medium and large-scale businesses.

Statistics Of Kentico CMS Usage

There is a list of around 92,453 websites that are using Kentico Xperience that consists of location information, data hosting, contact details, etc. There are almost 20,588 live websites currently and additional 56,561 domains that redirect to the sites in the list. There are 71,865 websites which used this technology previously.

Final Thoughts On Kentico CMS

Kentico CMS offers many great features all in one single space. It is nice and simple to optimize including a fully customizable website through customised kentico development and a content management system, an advanced e-commerce platform, and required tools for performing digital marketing capabilities like web analytics, lead scoring, personalization, and marketing automation. It also offers an internal intranet and workgroup to output collaborative solutions. Moreover, Kentico’s testing functionality offers marketers the capability to test an unlimited number of page variants, finding designs and messages that lead to improved conversions. It is not reliant on external applications for measuring success. Kentico monitors real-time monitoring of tests and optimization without routing through developers.

You can set up, monitor, and manage several marketing campaigns all from one place. You can also log traffic generated from display ads, marketing emails, or social media along with tracking the actions performed by users who arrive on your website as the outcome of those campaigns. Kentico is supporting through its service the bigger tech giants like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Live ID types of accounts. All the user information is collected and used by Kentico’s artificial intelligence platform that personalizes to perform a better all-over experience for the users in and around the site.

The platform also supports integrated email marketing via the automation of two different types of output, campaigns, and newsletters. This facilitates giving a direct line to all customer’s inboxes which gives access to the marketing team for creating newsletters, creating email campaigns, writing marketing emails, sending marketing emails, managing recipients tracking, and monitoring marketing emails.

So that was all about Kentico application development and CMS in this blog article. It is a great tool that you can use to enhance your business websites. It will be a great investment for your business. And by now you must have understood what Kentico CMS is all about and the facts of CMS Kentico. This blog article gives you an outline idea about it. If you want to know further then you can check out their official website.

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