Reasons To Prefer Zoho CRM For Customer Relationship
Reasons To Prefer Zoho CRM For Customer Relationship

Reasons To Prefer Zoho CRM For Customer Relationship

What Is Zoho CRM? | Feature List Of Zoho CRM Software

From this blog article, you will have a very clear idea about what Zoho CRM is. To start with, Zoho Office Suite is a web-based office suite that contains many different applications for running day-to-day business activities. They include word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, databases, note-taking, wikis, web conferencing, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), project management, invoicing, etc. Zoho Office Suite is an Indian company that is developed by Zoho Corporation and is based on a proprietary license. Not only that, you must know that there are also many implementations in Zoho development. There are many cost-effective Zoho development services and features that are very useful. Here, the elaborations on the advantages and disadvantages of Zoho CRM software are also given so that you have clear ideas about it before using it. But one thing is for sure with Zoho CRM, your organization will surely be benefitted from the amazing features that you can get after Zoho CRM integration. You will want to use their services after knowing Zoho CRM features. Zoho CRM is one of the highly demanded CRM software that can efficiently manage all critical and complex customer relations. It can streamline and bring automation to your organization’s sales, marketing, and customer relationship, and covers many other aspects that help you manage your business more efficiently than ever before that any other CRM software has provided as a one-and-only single platform-based customer relationship management software. This is such an application that is effortless to use and that is why it has started gaining popularity among entrepreneurs and has just started to achieve success by covering almost 6.95% of the total CRM market share which will increase further shortly. For your information, Zoho CRM was first launched in the year 2005 along with Zoho writer. It was the first Office suite product from Zoho Corporation. In 2006 Zoho Projects, Creator Sheet, and show were released. In 2007 Zoho further expanded its reach in this space by releasing Zoho Docs and Zoho Meeting.

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Zoho Development Services

You can utilize your programming skills to build a B2B business model through the Zoho Developer platform and your business offerings will be exposed to more than 80 million users. Zoho Developer is a tool that is built on a free cloud-based platform. It is not like some other conventional cloud-based platforms that are available on the market. The Zoho Developer console allows you to develop enterprise-grade applications in a very less amount of time as it has drag and drop-down tools which will ease the process for your development work.

Deluge Code

If you sign up as a Zoho developer you can try out their deluge code feature where you can use deluge for coding. Deluge is Zoho’s programming language that lets you add complicated logic and implement automation within your application where you can do the work very fast using simple drag-and-drop tools. Not only that, deluge offers a simple syntax that allows you to build all the applications smoothly without any fuss. Here, you don’t need to worry about databases or cloud infrastructure.

Ease Of Operation

The console of Zoho’s platform offers you absolute control over the applications that you will be building. You can get free access to IDE, which is the cloud of Zoho. It can also include other developers on your team for the project you will be accomplishing. From here you can easily create your brand and different pricing models. Zoho developer tool will help you sell your solutions to businesses worldwide and you don’t need to pay any commissions.   

Point And Click Tools

With the help of point-and-click tools, the interface of the console is designed in such a way that you can easily build extensions by using those tools. The workflow builder from Zoho lets you automate your extensions in every business process that you execute.

Zoho Databases

The console has a UI builder that is driven by databases and allows you to build new custom modules. With its help, you can create new fields for the existing modules of Zoho CRM, and connect any resource of data to Zoho CRM modules then you can store them in their database.


You can access any remotely hosted application with the help of Zoho as an identity provider of yourself. Zoho CRM uses the SAML 2.0 standard protocol to authenticate and provide access to single sign-on access, shortly known as SSO. Thus, the users will only have to remember only one password as this adds additional layers of security.


With Zoho CRM’s developer feature, you can also schedule actions through custom functions. You can either do it at a particular time or repeatedly. By using Zoho’s developer scheduling capabilities, you can transfer the data between the third-party apps and Zoho CRM regularly. By using Zoho Developers’ scheduling abilities, you can effortlessly transfer data between a third-party app and Zoho CRM regularly. Also, you can automatically trigger any of the Zoho CRM actions and for backup, you can push the CRM data to your legacy system.

Other Zoho CRM Features

There are other services from Zoho development for CRM such as CRM for industries, where you can build your own CRM and sell them. You use the platform and deploy vertical CRM. You can generate multichannel sales and run customer support management without worrying. Other crucial features such as back-office operations, advanced analytics, reporting, security, etc are implanted within it. Other things like custom applications, rest APIs, serverless applications, and many other beneficiary features can be experienced by using Zoho CRM’s development features.

Why Zoho Crm Software Is Liked

Why Zoho CRM Software is Linked Zoho CRM Development

  • Speed

With the help of Zoho CRM, you can bring the best out of your customer support teams through a robust level of automation, comprehensive analytical reports, personalized solutions, and the list goes on. You can easily sign up and get started without any waste of time. This is one of the fastest CRM implementation tools that are available on the enterprise market to date.

  • Customer Relationship Of Zoho CRM

With the help of Zoho CRM, you create happier customers of your products or services and build excellent customer relationships to boost your sales. Zoho CRM allows you to increase customer engagement throughout the right channel with the most appropriate message at the most appropriate time. If you are an entrepreneur then you must harness the capabilities of Zoho CRM which ultimately excels in the powers of omnichannel presence, segmentations, KPIs, and predictive intelligence, and there is more including delivering in terms of personalized experience that creates brand loyalty.

  • Efficiency

For a work experience that is streamlined and gets maximum amounts of outputs with minimum usage, you can break the popular myth that CRM systems are all about data entry by implementing Zoho CRM. Zoho CRM is used to decrease effort and time and make the processes easy and simple. You can focus less on software complexities and more on relationships with help of automated workflows, processes, campaigns, customer journeys, and many more so that you can put more time into customer engagement.

  • Rich Analytics

For making a business successful, you can manage operations with rich analytics that are provided by Zoho CRM. You can make agile decisions based on well-informed data by utilizing Zoho CRM’s advanced analytical tools. To achieve sustainability and grow your business exponentially, you must take advantage of the derived performances of Zoho CRM in terms of actionable insights, creating custom reports and dashboards, and measuring real-time operational data for success.

  • Upscaling

To get a personalized implementation and ease of deployment with the customization and upscaling, you can use Zoho CRM to manage the top to bottom CRM activities for a hassle-free experience. You just have to work on some easy processes offered by this software platform such as a dedicated admin panel. Its state-of-the-art customization facility helps you develop a very powerful platform and see how much the Zoho platform extends and enhances the activities. It is integrated with more than 500 third-party apps and associations that you will like within the Zoho marketplace.

Advantages Of Zoho CRM Integrations

  • Zoho CRM is very simple and effortless to use and provides modern CRM solutions for modern business models.
  • It offers an extensive platform for the developers to customize solutions and integrations.
  • They are giving you a cost-effective platform that is free from all the useless features and only provides the required functionalities.
  • It is specially dedicated to relevant programs for training, deployment, and migration.
  • Zoho CRM has flexible contracts without any lock-in periods.
  • You can always get the best deal out of it since it has a price protection function.

Cost Of Zoho CRM

The costs of Zoho CRM are $14 monthly for the annual billing and $20 for monthly billing. The users can unlock the basic CRM standard leads, account management controls, and contacts. The starter plan includes the features of the free plan with an additional multiple pipeline feature.

Pros And Cons Of Zoho CRM


  • Automation Of Salesforce

This software allows your company to bring automation in all activities such as daily errands, sales monitoring, and customer engagement using many platforms.

  • Cost Effectiveness

Zoho offers flexibility in pricing that you can choose according to your criteria and budget.

  • Account Management

It allows you to manage your customers, and track down customer accounts, from a shared database.

  • Leads Management

Zoho CRM enables you to see inactive and active leads from historical data along with re-drafting messages that are aimed to attract and engage your target audience. This helps you engage customers and you can use the business card view feature for accessing the relevant customer data and your previous conversation in just a single window.

  • Smartphone Application

Zoho also customized its CRM software for smartphone users that allows you to use the application whenever and wherever you need it. You will have access to much information including real-time updates on the go.

  • Forecasting

You can easily create customizable sales forecast reports and dashboards for accurately measuring revenues and establishing sales quotas.

  • Ease

Zoho CRM is extremely simple and easy to use, which uses an interesting graphical interface with the necessary information that you can easily find according to what you want from the app.

Cons Of Zoho CRM

  • Limited Functionalities Of Free Plan

The free plan has limited functionalities which only fits the small-scale business. If you want to expand, you need to take the paid version with advanced features.

  • Issues In Usability

The software application is created by using the AIAX platform and sometimes it can show different behaviours from user expectations. The browse and application button doesn’t take you one step backward.

  • Contact Importing

This software doesn’t allow its users to import from social media. It allows you only to make your client details with its inbuilt mail feature.

  • Custom Field Limitation

If you have more fields you need to raise the limits but it has limited custom fields of 150 per module which is a major disappointment for an amazing app like this.

  • Issues In Campaign Management

Its campaign management tools are cumbersome and they have issues at the time of importing leads from social media platforms and tradeshows.

  • Bugs And Glitches

Some of its users reported a few bugs within the new features but those are solved through a few patches.

  • Portfolio

Even though this software provides a diversified portfolio of products, sadly it lacks some integration of product-related functions that are found on competitor products.


Every product, no matter how they position, even the best products have its pros and cons. But even among them, you need to choose which one is the best justification for your investment and most significant to your relevant usage. And Zoho CRM is not only one of them but it offers you the best of both worlds when compared to other bigger players in the market. It is liked and positively reviewed by many companies which prove its trustworthiness. So, by now, you must have some clear ideas about Zoho CRM, Zoho development, Zoho development services, Zoho CRM software, Zoho CRM integration, Zoho CRM features, and how they work.

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