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We help businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, construct secure OpenCart ecommerce development apps to meet challenging challenges and provide business value, whether it's UI design, OpenCart integration services, or maintenance.
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Sterling Technolabs focuses on providing bespoke Opencart Development Services India to valued clientele and supporting them in expanding their online businesses across all feasible functional frameworks and work platforms.

Why Should You Choose Opencart Development

The Opencart developers not only aid you in the development of your ecommerce platform, but also in gaining the prominence that your platform deserves. As a result, they provide help to their clients’ products long after they have been developed and released to the public.

Simple to Use

It is critical to hire an Opencart developer to create a cart on any e-Commerce platform. However, only during the earliest stages does one require the assistance of Opencart developers, after which they can take control of the functionality.


With the help of an Opencart developer, an e-Commerce platform becomes lightweight, and the developers are able to create a platform that is fast and responsive.

Sell Infinite Products

The open cart development gives vendors the option of listing the total quantity of things on display for shoppers to purchase. They have the advantage of being able to list their products in all of the e-Commerce platform’s categories.

Multi-store Functionality

From a single admin interface, multiple online e-Commerce platforms may be monitored at the same time. A single interface can be used to manage a number of internet stores at the same time.

Multiple Language & Currency Support

Do you want your sale to be limited to only your country or a certain region? If not, engage an Opencart developer to expand your horizons by selling your products internationally and incorporating currency conversion in your app.

Mobile Friendly

Opencart creates a mobile platform that is seamlessly interoperable, responsive, and simple to use, resulting in increased organic traffic and engagement.

Best Opencart Development Services

Our OpenCart development services encompass a wide range of product categories, industry verticals, and corporate requirements as a leading OpenCart development company in India.

Custom Opencart Development

We provide a wide range of customizing options. All are created with our clients’ mindsets and expectations in mind. As a result, your consumer will have the finest purchasing experience possible. It happens when customers’ needs and expectations are met.

OpenCart Marketplace Development

If you want to start an eCommerce marketplace, OpenCart is the appropriate platform for you. We assure you that we will aid you in creating an excellent online marketplace in the manner that you desire.

Opencart Theme Development

The importance of selecting an appropriate theme for your OpenCart website cannot be overstated. Customers nowadays prefer appealing online retailers for a variety of reasons.

Opencart Migration Services

Migrations are painful and difficult, and many criteria, such as SEO, Page Speed, and User Experience, are crucial during the process. Sterling Technolabs provides full migration services to OpenCart as well as migration from other eCommerce systems.

Opencart API Integration

OpenCart does offer some basic APIs that anyone can utilize. Use the OpenCart token if you want to use the same one. This makes it much easier to use a store’s features from a variety of devices, regardless of technology.

B2B OpenCart Development

OpenCart B2B development brings together suppliers from all over the world on a single platform. It allows them to connect and sell their products all over the world. It establishes a platform through which all buyers and sellers can communicate and expand their enterprises. .

Opencart Third Party Integration

Effective third-party integration that creates custom solutions for huge businesses. Let us know what you need and our team of Opencart experts will help you integrate anything to your opencart store.

Opencart Maintenance & Support

Our customers have access to support and maintenance services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If there’s something you’d like to add to the website, or if you’d like to delete a certain section of the website, we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

Additional Benefit of Opencart Development

Ownership of the code
Enterprise Development
Clean Code
Secure nopCommerce Services
Enhance User Experience
Wide Usability
Solid Capabilities
Faster time to Market

Hire Opencart Developers

We work on your project with a team of highly experienced and talented OpenCart specialists, including designers, developers, and engineers.

Why Should you choose Sterling Technolabs for Opencart Development?

We are experts in providing a wide range of OpenCart services to businesses of all sizes, including small, medium, and large businesses. Our Opencart Development Services in India will assist you in creating extremely dynamic and user-friendly eCommerce stores with enticing and feature-rich information for end-users.
Group of Business People

Opencart Partner

Get a chance to experience the latest industry trends faster and more cost-effectively with us as an official Opencart partner!

Experienced Opencart Developers

With appropriate coding methodologies, bug fixing, and staying up-to-date with the latest and most recent technology, our OpenCart developers complete all of their jobs to the highest level of satisfaction.

Rich Development Experience

Certified Opencart Designers and Developers are ready to help you turn your business into a high-end, creative and out of the box e-commerce powerhous

Mobile First Approach

Because of the high volume of customers, we favour a mobile-first strategy for promoting, engaging, and projecting.


Looking for more? Give a glance at our FAQs and find answers to your questions.

OpenCart is one of the most popular and capable PHP-based eCommerce development platforms. It is a market-available, simple, easy-to-use, lightning-fast, and cost-effective solution. It’s simple to incorporate a wide range of social features with OpenCart. Multiple payment modes, order management, coupons & discounts, lifetime free support, and software updates are among the eCommerce extensions included.
Without a doubt. We can create a conversion-oriented OpenCart marketplace website. We guarantee that we will create, develop, and integrate excellent online marketplace administration to your existing OpenCart store, allowing you to leap immediately into your online marketplace.
Yes, we offer Amazon Connector, eBay Connector, Shipping, Payment Integration, and other OpenCart platform integration services.
Admin-controlled module. Multiple FAQs can be added by the administrator. The FAQ section, which displays the answers, is beautifully designed. Admins have the ability to create FAQ categories. The colour theme for the Opencart FAQ can be customised by the administrator. Module based on JavaScript (will work on all devices and screens, including responsive templates).
We offer four different types of hiring engagement models at Sterling Technolabs. 1.Dedicated Developer: – 160 hours each month on a monthly basis 5 days a week, 8 hours a day 2.Hourly Rate: – Hours/Month- We utilise time tracking software such as time doctor and hub things to keep track of our hours. 3.Time and Material Base- You can communicate your requirements with our team on a time and material basis. Our team will assess your needs and then provide you with a thorough estimate of your project, including time and cost, as well as a project roadmap. 4.Build Your Own Team: Using this form of engagement we will help you build your own team of professionals to do your desired project.
Yes, Sterling Technolabs handles everything from concept to design to implementation and upkeep. Once your mobile app is ready to launch, we’ll test it before releasing it on the respective store, such as the App Store or Play Store. We’ll take care of everything, including servicing and quality control.
An individualized or combination of methodologies involving Agile, Waterfall, Rapid, Scrum, etc can be put into action for an efficient software product.
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