Online Doctor Consultation App: A Revolution In Healthcare Industry

Online Doctor Consultation App: A Revolution In Healthcare Industry

Technological innovations are increasing day by day as per modern requirements. Similar is the case with the healthcare sector. But along with the improvement and implementation of technologies in medical science, the problem of communication is still there, which can be resolved with the help of a doctor consultation guide app where you can consult doctors from your home very easily from your smartphone. Also, you can start your new business by having an online consultation app for such scopes. There are certain things that can make your app the best online doctor consultation app. The MedTech sector is taking a great pace due to research with the help of new methods and new techniques which has given rise to many better ways for treatment in a cost-effective manner. 

It is high time to make a fortune out of it while at the same time filling gaps in society by providing easy medical care solutions to those who might seriously require this service, where they can consult doctors and order medicines remotely. So, this is how important it is to have an app on everyone’s smartphone devices. At Sterling Technolabs, they have good expertise in developing applications that can be part of your journey in the holy and noble business of the healthcare industry. They will take care of all the frameworks and prerequisites for your requirement to make a perfect app that is good for your business growth because such online consultation app will have an amazing client interface giving them an excellent experience.

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Market Overview Of Doctor Consultation App

  • According to media released resources, by the year 2025, the growth projected for the online consultation app business will cross US $50 billion undoubtedly. Thus, sustainability can be achieved in such businesses in the upcoming times. In the current scenario, the result from a survey tells that about 60 % of the people are now preferring an online consultation app whereas, 43 % are also into booking online appointments. So, now you see how larger the market if your healthcare company has the best doctor consultation app. Such apps play a very crucial role across the world in the medical sector if you are looking for any healthcare service.
  • It is too obvious that the statistics mentioned above are the result of the popularity of such apps during and COVID scenarios. But the thing is people have understood its utility so even after the covid such number will result to grow exponentially as people are used to taking the sheer possibility and advantage of E-Commerce services right at their doorsteps. It is so simple that you just must consult a doctor on the app according to your need and have the advantage of time and energy saving without visiting one by long awaiting physical appointment. Similarly, the doctors are also benefitted from such a system as a result the interest is high on both server and client sides where you can play the role of a host and make money out of it through commission. Sterling Technolabs will make the perfect software application for it.

Why Make The Best Online Doctor Consultation App

Beneficial For Patients

When people research the best online doctor consultation app, safety, cost sensibility, convenient booking system, efficiency, and most importantly effectiveness and reviews are the first things that come to their mind. By using a good doctor consultation app, the number of crowds in clinics, health centres, and hospitals can be easily reduced resulting in the use of more time and energy towards patients who need physical attention in medical centres, on the other hand, it omits the hassle of treating patients who can be cured by advice and medication just with a few fingertips away simply from a smartphone application. With the help of a friendly online consultation app, you have access to many important like calendar integration, appointment scheduling, ordering medicines online from the app itself, and finding the specialist doctor according to your need very easily and simply within a little amount of time. For example, these apps will handle logistics system synchronization, sending and receiving reminders, and cancellations, in case someone cancels so that the slot gets booked quickly with another patient.

Beneficial For Doctors

If you see it from a doctor’s perspective, it can offer great growth in their career by reducing time and effort while dealing with numerous patients all day long. The doctor knows when and who booked the slot and reduces the useless burden making the effective running of a medical organization and a stress-free ecosystem for doctors which ultimately keeps their mental health good for them in their lifelong hustle serving society by curing patients.

Eventually, in this way the consultation management gets more efficient by keeping track of all data. Thus, the doctors get better time and scope intervals to study and examine the patients more effectively, and sometimes they will find the best solutions to cure certain common health problems by data analysis from previous and existing patients. This is how an online consultation app can make a difference and better the circumstances for both doctors and patients by eliminating extra workload, and management costs and saving time by utilizing unused timeslots.

Similarly, the streamlining and patient base can be increased across the world making a medical consultancy business from local to global. The best online doctor consultation apps are associated with a platform known as a telemedicine platform where phone calling is integrated for added convenience on both sides. Thus, expansion becomes easy, and as a result, the MedTech industry grows which might give rise to more funds for medical research to develop cost-effective and easy methods to treat diseases. The app automation can also improve the billing process for better profitability.  

Beneficial For Hospitals

  • The doctor consultation apps are proven to be very rewarding for a lot of healthcare organizations. The hospitals have tremendously increased the treatment capacity with such doctor booking systems. This helped the hospitals to achieve increased financial gains resulting in improved infrastructure and treatment components. As, an example, the duty hours of hospital administration staff get reduced with the decrease of overhead in managing hospitals, clinics, etc.
  • Also, such scheduling smartphone applications help manage the system remotely from anywhere making the curriculum faster and more efficient with the advantage of an automated system where there is no need for some staff helps reduce the running costs for hospitals resulting in slightly cheaper treatment costs for patients and higher profit margin for the medical organization.
  • Simply, there will be easy shifts and less workload, and less hustle and crowd in the reception. The tendencies of viral diseases can also be avoided by this in this era of viruses. An online consultation app helps track revisits and communication of patients with the clinic. So, there is less work required in cancelling, rescheduling, confirming, and scheduling appointments for new patients and clearing the slots faster for upcoming appointments. With the help of automation, almost 34 % of the slots were booked when the office was closed without making any phone calls. So, that is how it is done so easily.

Advantages Of Making The Best Online Doctor Consultation App

Accessibility Of Interaction Remotely

  • These medical appointment applications make the scenarios more comfortable with video conferencing. The patients can talk to the doctors in video chat for better interaction and understanding through their smartphone or tablet devices. It can really help if the patient is in such a condition that he/she cannot move.
  • This integrated support system can generate more income by targeting a larger number of patients targeting those who are far away from the region where the medical organization is established or the patients who cannot come. They can consult and easily pay through an online payment gateway. This is a superficial advantage that leads to a higher rate of investment in such medical organizations that adapted such technologies.

The Features You Will Get With The App

1.      Scheduling

2.      Patient Profile

3.      Doctor Profile

4.      Reviews

5.      Calendar

6.      Reminders & Notifications

7.      Live chat with support

8.      Payment integrations

9.      Telemedicine

10.   EHR

11.   E-prescriptions

12.   Medical tips

Things Before Developing An Online Consultation App

Keep The Doctor Database Ready

Before opting for automation, you need to have a reliable database of professional doctors. You need to know about the clinics you should associate with and find access to their data through healthcare APIs. This will help you understand a better marketplace for your new start-up venture in the healthcare industry and you can research them to decide the primary services you should be launching.

Conduct User Research

To understand the nature of your targeted market, based on both the demographical and psychological data. To determine how your users will use the application, you should have a database of your target market by gathering the data of potential users in the upcoming times. These will help you prototype the app interface by using critical information from the database.

Prototype Testing

Another crucial step is prototype testing. Here the developer will test all the visual screens of the server as well as the client interface within the application. And you can test all the features after the clickable prototype is ready. To easily formulate the framework for design and development, you need to have the feedback received from potential users and professionals, and staff in the healthcare sector. Sterling Technolabs will design the best UI and UX based on the information you give them.

App Functionality

To make the app experience better and give easy to use interface, Sterling Technolabs will implement high-quality efforts and make the application more reliable. So that all the considerations to generate profit as well as benefit doctors and patients by developers in Sterling Technolabs.

Clear Navigation

The most important step to design any software application product is its performance in fast navigation and practicality of features. Since it will be a medical app it will deal with life and death situations. That is why your client needs to have peace of mind using such an application and every piece of information should be accessible to them. Also, you know that proper navigation improves the experience of the user.

Visual Graphics

Sterling Technolabs will make the typography very user-friendly. They will make sure that a theme that is very relevant to medical purposes is kept with a touch of catchy effect. A clean and minimalistic style will help users of different age groups understand the navigations of the app very easily. The colours and patterns will be kept giving a calming effect to its users.


These days, the ecosystem of healthcare technologies contains numerous complex devices for medical solutions. So, to make your online doctor appointment app more useful, it is required to integrate many parameters including medical, financial, CRRMs, reporting, scheduling, etc. A third-party trusted insurance is also required. Usability in different languages will help get more downloads. Sterling Technolabs will take care of all of these including the safety and security of your and users’ information.  

Cost To Make The Best Online Doctor Consultation App

The cost depends upon the feature you want to add to your application Normally it can cost a minimum of around the US $2000 to a maximum of $26000 to develop the best online consulting app for your medical business. You can consider buying a cheaper package and upgrading the app later with other packages after you start generating revenues. This strategy will help you enter the market and popularize using the customer base and later when you add more features more customers will get attracted to the app. As a result, you will achieve sustainability.

Final Words On The Online Consultation App

By now you know that making the best online doctor consulting app is a very advanced step towards business objectives as well as user convenience. The patients can book appointments with doctors and buy medicines online from the app itself without traveling to the clinic, health centre, or hospital. Such online consultation apps will help you to consult doctors as and when you are required without waiting since different doctors will be available at different times. You can book an appointment to get a consultation at reasonable costs. You can talk to them in video chat, or you can just call them on the given numbers. Sterling technologies will provide the best online doctor consultation app and help you get profitable in business. One thing is for sure you will never regret investing in such technologies.

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