On-demand Application Development

Create feature-rich, industry-specific applications that can boost the sales of your business in no time.
Every industry has its own individual demands, and this is where on-demand application development can help you emerge as the most successful next-generation business person. You can transform the face of your business with customised on-demand application development.

The most supportive association for on-demand application development

No matter what your industry is and what your requirements are, on-demand application development is capable of conforming to all your expectations. Choose the most brilliantly supportive on-demand application development services in order to achieve your goals.

Key features of on-demand application solutions

Although there are specific demands that are particular to each industry, a few features are a must-have. Features like scheduled booking, order tracking, and the like can be a game changer for your business venture.

Booking module

From delivering your favourite product to the doorstep to booking a spa treatment for you at a nearby salon, on-demand application development technology can help you get things done with a single click from the comfort of your home.

Scheduling orders

With on-demand technology’s special feature of scheduled orders and bookings, you can offer your customers the privilege of choosing the desired time to avail your services by pre-booking a time slot and a day.

In-app payments

Since there are a variety of payment options available in the market, it is important for you to incorporate multiple payment options like net banking, credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and others in order to facilitate a smooth shopping experience.

Ordering on-the-go

Incorporating this feature into your on-demand developed application can enable your customers to enjoy your services with a few clicks. All they need to do is fill in the required details, choose the product and place their order.

Order tracking

Constant updates regarding placed orders can help your customers get an idea of the time of delivery of their chosen product. They can, in fact, track their orders by simply clicking on a link.

Real-time calls and messages

Real-time calls and messages are a much desired feature, for they enable customers to communicate with delivery executives and to reach out to the service provider in case of any query or complaint.

Our expertise in catering to various industry demands with on-demand application development services

With a grand team of on-demand development professionals, Sterling Technolabs can help you incorporate perfectly customised features into your business application. Have a look at our special on-demand application development offerings that are specific to your industry.

Fitness and health

We shall always stand by your side in your attempt to create a healthy society. Our on-demand development experts can help you create a wonderfully performing health and fitness app that can offer medical aid to your customers.

Courier services

Want to deliver packages to the doorsteps of your customers? Seek the expert advice of experienced on-demand app development architects to be able to guarantee customer satisfaction when delivering products for them.

Food ordering

A hungry stomach needs a handsome meal, and here we are to help you succeed in your generous endeavour. Avail on-demand app development services that will help you deliver food to your customers and help them saturate their appetite.

Cab services

Transport forms an integral part of all our lives. If you want to help your customers get home quickly and safely, we’re here to help!These skilled on-demand app development architects can help you launch your own cab booking app.

Grocery delivery

Gone are the days when your customers would have to rush to the market to fetch the ingredients required to make their favourite dish. You can help them savour their favourite recipes and beverages by delivering groceries online.

Repair and maintenance

Create a future-ready, on-demand application that offers maintenance services such as repair, plumbing, fuelling, and a lot more, which can help you prevent your customers from facing last minute harassment. .

Salon and beauty services

We all know the urge to party and want to be the showstopper. Entice your customers with exclusive offers on beauty and makeup. Help them garner the limelight with their charming personality.

Housekeeping and laundry

Cleaning your home is easier than your customers can even imagine. Help them clean up their homes, clothes, and gardens by delivering doorstep housekeeping and laundry services with the help of an on-demand application.

A few common features of on-demand application development

Inclusion of social media
Rapid reservations
In-the-moment push alerts
Testimonials and rankings
Push alerts sent instantly
The geolocation service
Discounted prices and promos
Simple service-selection navigation

Hire on-demand app developer

Build the most creative and efficient business applications with on-demand technology. Seek the guidance of trustworthy on-demand app developers by clicking below.

Why should you choose Sterling Technolabs for on-demand app development?

We are a dedicated team of technological service providers that prioritise customer satisfaction over anything else. We ensure complete protection of your customer data and the efficiency of your on-demand applications.
Group of Business People

On-time delivery

The Sterling Technolabs on Demand development team is well equipped with all the technological aspects that are required in order to deliver your product within the allotted time. Because of our speedy delivery facility, you can rely on us even during emergencies.


We do not want the slightest dissatisfaction from our customers. To help you rest assured of the quality of our services, we maintain absolute transparency during the entire on-demand application development process.

Customised services

The Sterling Technolabs On-demand application development team brings to you the most exclusively crafted and customised application development services. They can help you manifest your vision with the aid of on-demand technology.

Rich development experience

We can help you get access to the best minds in the industry. Our skilled and experienced on-demand application developers are reservoirs of knowledge. So, get in touch with them for an enlightening experience.


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On-demand application development is a technology that assists you in creating pixel-perfect applications with guaranteed customer satisfaction. You can incorporate a great number of features by seeking the advice of on-demand experts.
On-demand technology can be moulded to fit into any industry’s demands. From delivering your favourite food to the doorstep to helping you with repairs, on-demand application development technology can get things done in the blink of an eye.
On-demand technology includes a feature known as scheduled ordering, which allows you to select the time of availability of any service, not just salon services.
Most companies offer the facility of multiple payment methods in order to facilitate a smooth shopping experience for their customers. Incorporating means such as wallets, PhonePe, GPay, and others can be your savior!
Constant updates regarding product packing, discharge, delivery, and others can make a great difference. The ability to track orders gives your customers a sense of satisfaction regarding the status of their product.
On-demand applications can be made to include a feature called “real-time calls and messages.” It facilitates communication between customers and delivery executives in case of any query or complaint.
By assisting you in your On-demand application journey, our team of developers. Just tell our developers the deadline and they will never disappointed you.
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