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Services that enable you to create the most dynamic microservices, UIs, plugins and applications
Building versatile UIs, microservices, plugins, mobile applications, and Sails js and Express js apps has become super easy with our customised backend development solutions.
Node.js Application Development Services Solutions

A prolific Node.js backend development partner

By realising and utilising the potential of Node.js, we create the simplest cross-platform applications for your desktop, mobile, or SaaS websites. In fact, our developers are trained in the art of assisting you in the entire process of backend development.

Why should you choose Node.js for backend development?

Backend development has become all the easier with Node.js as the platform allows free access to all its users. But apart from helping you cut costs, Node.js has numerous other attractive features that can tempt you like never before.

Easily accessible

Node.js is considered to be one of the easiest languages to start one’s backend development journey with. There are also countless tutorials available on the internet, guiding beginners on how to start application development using Node.js. However, to simply say that it is a popular choice because it is easy to learn would be unfair.


Scalability in Node.js is used to refer to its being single threaded. This translates to the fact that the platform can deal with multiple connections simultaneously. This makes Node.js capable of performing tasks super quickly and with excellent accuracy.


Node.js is equipped with a unique feature called non-blocking thread execution. The power of unhindered execution of threads is harnessed by developers in order to develop smooth functioning and efficient web apps, mobile apps, and a lot more.


With the use of C and C++ in Node.js, users can incorporate some additional benefits, such as networking support. Such a blending of features that are offered by other programming languages helps in accelerating the performance and enhancing the results of Node.js.

Cross platform developments

Being able to use the same application across different platforms not just helps coders save their precious time and energy, but also cuts down on their hard-earned money. With the help of Node.js, you can use a single code across multiple platforms such as mobile, desktop, SaaS, and so on.


With the aid of a single language called JavaScript, one can easily get hold of the different aspects of Node.js. As a language that facilitates both frontend and backend development, JavaScript bridges the gap between the two technologies and facilitates the quick completion of tasks.

Our outstanding Node.js application development services

Dreaming of building your own app with the latest backend development technologies? Remember, our Node.JS development solution experts are only an intimation away. Underneath is a description of the services that we bring to your table.

Customised Node.js services

The development team at Sterling Technolabs is always keen to know about your demands. Transparency makes the process easier and ensures that all your demands are successfully met.

Mobile application development with Node.js

None of us are unaware of the inescapable presence of mobile apps. A user-friendly mobile app is always the preferred choice, which is why we strive to offer the most unique mobile app development solutions.

Services for Express.js app development

The minimalist Node.js web framework known as Express.js provides you with the opportunity to build attractive and interactive applications with the assistance of our trained programmers as a platform that allows users to create lightweight web and mobile applications.

App development with Sails.js

Along with the facility of building light-weight apps like Express.js, Sails.js provides structural conventions and sustainability in the Node.js framework. Our coders use this facility to make the process of backend development smoother.

Microservices development in Node.js

The importance of server-side applications is realised only when we witness the high performance exhibited by microservice APIs. If you aspire to build such efficient apps as well, the guidance of our trained programmers is a must.

UI development with Node.js

User interfaces must be paid enough attention to as an essential component of any app. The expertise of our coders is meant to ensure that we can deliver the best web and mobile app development services using the Node.js backend development framework to build outstanding UIs. .

Node.js plugin development

By customising Node.js plugins, professional programmers can write the entire backend development code in JavaScript with much ease. If you want to enjoy top-class plugin development solutions with Node.js, here’s Sterling Technolabs to your aid!

Maintenance solutions

If you are worried as to what will happen to your application post-development, you can take a sigh of relief because our Node.js programmers will never fail to acknowledge the importance of maintenance of your application.

The most notable advantages of using Node.js for backend development

Single threaded
Open source
Cross platform
Enhanced performance
The Mode package manager

Hire expert Node.js programmers

If you wish to ease the process of developing your unique application with Node.js, seek the assistance of our expert teams of developers, who are only a click away.

Why should you choose Sterling Technolabs for Node.js backend development?

With the most skilled and experienced Node.js programmers making up the Sterling Technolabs backend development team, we are capable of handling all your demands and queries pertaining to mobile and web application development. Lay your trust on us and you will be surprised by the results.
Group of Business People

Instant results

Stuck with developing your own application? If that is the case, our efficient team of coders will resolve your issue in no time. Instead of spending your time and energy in vain, you should opt for Sterling Technolabs’ backend development solution services.

Expert guidance

A lot of information regarding backend development solutions is available on the internet. But how reliable are they? Before you start building the application of your dreams, it is essential that you are sure of the quality of the service you are opting for, something our programming team has expertise in.

Overall support

We strive not only to help you create your own application with all the desired features, but also to take care of your creation. You can be confident in the maintenance support provided by Sterling Technolabs backend development solutions.

Try and test facility

We understand your anxiety regarding choosing the best service amongst the bulk of service providers. To ease your mind, we bring to you a try-and-test facility. You can now test our services at a negligible cost or even for free in the case of a successful solution.


Looking for more? Give a glance at our FAQs and find answers to your questions.

Node.js is preferred by coders owing to countless factors. The most explicit reason, however, is that users can simply learn JavaScript and get started with both frontend and backend development with Node.js to build the most efficient and user-friendly apps.
If you wish to develop an application that can be executed flawlessly across different platforms like your mobile, desktop, SaaS, and a lot more.
Node.js offers a special facility called non-blocking thread execution. This is a system that enables quick processing of codes, thereby enhancing the efficiency of your app.
Node.js is compatible with languages such as C and C++, allowing it to source features of these languages as well. So, you can easily enjoy the features of other languages in your app developed using Node.js.
Yes, you certainly can. In order to test our services, you will need to get in touch with our development team. If you successfully achieve the target, you will only need to pay a minimum service charge.
We have a team that is made up of the most skilled and experienced programmers in the field of backend development. Moreover, we offer trail and maintenance services, which means that even if you are faced with any problem regarding your application in the future, you can seek our help.
This is a question that always crops up in the minds of our customers. This is what has motivated us to bring the best maintenance services for the application that you have built with a lot of effort. To avail our support and maintenance services post-application development, you can contact us at any time.
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