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Magento was created to improve ecommerce platforms and simplify the user experience. With skilled Magento brains, expect highly sturdy, scalable, frictionless, and complete Magento ecommerce development services with us.
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Expert-Led Magento Development Business Partner

We provide a comprehensive range of Magento development and ecommerce strategy services, ensuring that your ecommerce site is branded and customer-centric, engaging, and profitable.

Why Should You choose Magento Development

Magento development services interact seamlessly with third-party tools and technologies that are critical to your company’s success. For linking your site with Google Analytics, Google Shopping, Ebay, and PayPal, there are extensions and solutions available. The platform can also work with content management systems like WordPress.

Scalable & Futuristic​

Irrespective of your items or orders, Magento is strong and scalable enough to meet all of your Futuristic requirements.

Robust & Flexible​

Acquire fast optimal and engaging brand value, with robust and flexible Magento to improve brand value. Magento is a powerful, adaptable, and reliable eCommerce platform with a plethora of capabilities.

Faster Loading Speed

Develop effective and compellingly perceived value instantly, with comprehensive and versatile marketing with faster loading speed.

Custom Magento Development

Magento helps improve your business with custom integrations that effectively help in the evolving market.

Multiple Language & Currency Support

From multiple languages to currency support, Magneto provides a swift option for your transactions and global customer requirements.

Mobile Friendly

Magento develops a seamlessly compatible, responsive and easy-to-use mobile platform that helps improve organic traffic and engagement.

Our Best-in-Lead Magento Development Services

Transform your website or store with our ready-to-deliver assistance 24/7 for your requirements and customization.

Custom Magento Development

With expert Designers and Magento developers, we aid design your custom platform that meets your business, vision and future goals.

Magento Theme Development

We create a large choice of themes for you to choose from, using developers who are experienced in Magento theme creation. This allows you to customise your theme in any way you desire.

Magento Customization Service

With us, the Magneto customization service is one of the standout services that we offer for vast requirements of marketing.

Magento Upgrade & Migration Service

Our specialist helps in securing Magento Upgrade and Migration Service of version Magento 1 to Magento 2 for our customers.

Magento Extension Development

We provide Magento extensions and integrations that are tailored and optimised to specific requirements, resulting in increased productivity and a more efficient operation.

Magento App Development

Magento has shown to be a reliable webstore platform. It’s a solid platform with a lot of customization options and excellent usability. Using our leading Magento Mobile App Development services, you can create a customised mobile app with a heavy footprint rate. .

Seamless Third Party Integration

With Magento API connection services, connect across third-party platforms, enable a simple and secure way to merge factors . One of Magento’s most appealing aspects is the extensive customization potential provided by third-party extensions.

Magento Maintenance & Support

With the deployment, we assist with Magento Maintenance & Support to guarantee the security, productivity, and stability of your website.

Additional Benefits of Magento Development Services

Ownership of the code
Enterprise Development
Clean Code
Secure Magento Services
Enhance User Experience
Wide Usability
Solid Capabilities
Faster time to Market

Hire Magento Developers

Choose the top premium Magento lead developers with in-depth understanding of the worldwide market spectrum of competence!

Why should you choose Sterling Technolabs for Magento Development?

Collaborative Project Delivery with Front-end Transparent and Business Analyses Expertise That Translates Cost-efficient Model into Commercial profitability.
Group of Business People

Magento Partner

Get a chance to experience the latest industry trends faster and more cost-effectively with us as an official Magento partner!

Magento Certified Developers

We have the best-in-class specialists who offer hand-picked, bespoke solutions thanks to our list of expertly certified Magento Developers!

Rich Development Experience

Our full commitment to your project includes timely updates, speedy processing, higher quality processing, and a 100 percent dedicated crew.

Mobile First Approach

Bring 90 percent more visitors to your business with our fluid mobile-first web designs customised with upmarket design and development.


Looking for more? Give a glance at our FAQs and find answers to your questions.

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform that gives merchants the most control and flexibility over their online store. Magento includes sophisticated marketing, SEO, and catalogue-management tools that are customizable to match the specific business objectives of any website. Magento is the ideal eCommerce platform for larger businesses who require more capabilities and a fully customised website.
The Magento Connect marketplace has extensions such as themes and payment interfaces.
Magento is open source certified and released under the Open Software License 3.0.
Open Source platforms provide significantly more security, innovation, agility, quality, and flexibility — all at a lower cost! It allows anyone to share and access the platform, making it quicker and more efficient to make modifications.
We offer four different types of hiring engagement models at Sterling Technolabs. 1.Dedicated Developer: – 160 hours each month on a monthly basis 5 days a week, 8 hours a day 2.Hourly Rate: – Hours/Month- We utilise time tracking software such as time doctor and hub things to keep track of our hours. 3.Time and Material Base- You can communicate your requirements with our team on a time and material basis. Our team will assess your needs and then provide you with a thorough estimate of your project, including time and cost, as well as a project roadmap. 4.Build Your Own Team: Using this form of engagement we will help you build your own team of professionals to do your desired project.
Yes, Sterling Technolabs handles everything from concept to design to implementation and upkeep. Once your mobile app is ready to launch, we’ll test it before releasing it on the respective store, such as the App Store or Play Store. We’ll take care of everything, including servicing and quality control.
An individualized or combination of methodologies involving Agile, Waterfall, Rapid, Scrum, etc can be put into action for an efficient software product.
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