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Magento Development: Trends to Look Out For In the Year 2022

Trends come and go all the time! Today, e-commerce is one of the most popular trends. Many small and big businesses around the world are interested in this. However, have you ever wondered how many of them can change the tide and make a change? So it’s not because some of these people are smart and experienced, but some of them have no idea what they are talking about. The weapon they choose is why a good eCommerce platform is essential. Indeed, running an eCommerce store isn’t easy, but things can be a little easier if you choose the right eCommerce platform. Magento is one of the best ways to sell business products without dealing with any problems. People have been asking many questions about why businesses should use Magento, how to make a successful eCommerce store with Magento, and what the top trends for Magento developers are.

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Significance of the Magento Development:

Here are some of the top reasons why Magento development is so popular or why you need to start looking for a good Magento web development company such as Sterling Techno Lab right now, so keep reading.


A good thing about Magento development is that it has top-notch security. In this case, it has a lot of skills and a sound safety system. It has been shown that websites made with Magento are far more safe and secure than those made without good Magento development services. You can only find CAPTCHA and PCI Information Security in this place, not anywhere else.

Open-Source Platform:

There’s no surprise that Magento is an open-source platform, which makes it easy to get visitors. But what’s more interesting about Magento is that the open-source platform makes it run faster. Stores made with Magento can get more customers than others. With high performance and accessibility, nothing can stop you from making your store even better. It doesn’t matter if you’re a techie or not.


Now, it’s not enough when you build a website with just any platform. You need to make it show up on Google. If you want to kill two birds with one stone, then Magento is your platform! There’s no need to worry about making your site SEO-friendly because Magento is good at it. Also, the eCommerce platform makes it easy for your business to get high search engine rankings without a lot of work.

This is a List of the Top Magento Development Trends for 2022.

Magento PWA:

The Progressive Web App, or PWA, is a new idea that could change how websites are built. PWAs make websites more interactive and user-friendly by giving them an app-like look and feel. Indeed, the concept of PWA allows web developers to turn websites into web applications that load on any device and make it easier for people to get to a site. To make a PWA look and feel like a native mobile or desktop app, it has many of the same functions found in all other mobile or desktop apps. So, a PWA can be installed, launched, and used in the same way as a standard app.

People who use Progressive Web Apps will have a better experience on the web. If you want to build a strong PWA for your business, you can use Magento development services. PWA development is a new trend, and it will be a significant development trend for Magento in 2022 as well, too. PWA development gives Magento eCommerce store owners a faster, easier, lighter, and more accessible way to run their businesses.


AR and VR have been used in many different fields. AR/VR has also become important in eCommerce, and it has changed how people shop. AR/VR lets people who buy things online try out different products in a virtual setting or go on a virtual tour to check their placements, positions, or fixations. A virtual tour of a table lets people see how it will look in different places. Buyers can choose the right table based on what they see at a particular site or location.

Use AR and VR in your Magento eCommerce store to give customers a better experience. AR and VR are new technologies in Magento web development. If you use them, you can provide your customers with better service. Your online store will be able to show a virtual tour of the products or let people see the products differently. Especially for clothing stores, this is a good thing because people can try on shirts and other clothes before they buy them.

Focus on Making the Experiences Personal:

When you think about the digital economy, it can be seen that consumers haven’t played a significant role and had a big voice as they do now. Every experience, evaluation, positive or negative feedback from customers has a significant impact on the business performance of e-commerce businesses. People who have personalized, interactive experiences are happier and more satisfied, which leads to better results. Most people will only interact with a brand again if the products are linked to previous interactions.

Businesses can give customers a unique experience based on their shopping habits and real-time transaction data. Companies can do this in a variety of ways, such as:

  • You can see which products are already in your shopping cart or which ones have been looked at most. The cross-sell and up-sell products go with them.
  • They are advising customers on what’s hot and what’s selling.
  • Add reviews from the most recent users and personal recommendations for added credibility.
  • Another way to improve the personalized buying experience is to personalize your email marketing. It plays a vital role in keeping customers happy. Some types of personalized emails you can use:
  1. They are sending newsletters with a recommendation from a friend.
  2. When you forget about the shopping cart, you send a reminder.
  3. They send emails with promotional content to customers to remind them about the brand.
  4. They send emails that let people know how their orders are going and give them a few personalized product suggestions.

Optimization of Mobile Shopping:

People use their phones more often than other portable devices to make purchases. Justin Smith, the CEO of OuterBox, has done a lot of research and found that 79 percent of smartphone users bought things online through their phones in 2021.

Using Videos to Market on Social Media:

Social marketing is a common way to boost sales and get people to visit a website to read about a product. Social media affects the purchasing decisions of people who shop for things online. The material from social media is critical because it is usually thought of to build trust and make people want to get in touch with the seller first. Before, written material was the primary source of marketing. With the rise of Tiktok in recent years, video footage has become a big part of social media content. A website called says that 72% of people would rather watch videos than read product descriptions because it allows them to make an actual purchase.

When You Sell on Multiple Channels, You Need to Connect Your Systems:

Trading through online and real-world channels increases the chances of reaching new customers, making them into finished transactions, and improving the brand’s name. However, the more strategies and tools used, the more difficult it is for business owners to run their businesses. There are new problems with multi-channel selling, and companies are looking for ways to deal with the complicated situation of moving back and forth between many business systems. Managing orders, customers, payment methods, shipping forms, and two separate systems can be complex if you use Magento as an E-Commerce website and a POS system for in-person sales. This can make it hard to keep track of everything. Multi-channel integration is a viable option that few people know about. It is the process of connecting many different systems that sell things to other systems at the same company. Merchants can get the information they need and do their jobs well because of the connection.


The open-source CMS was built to make eCommerce stores that are easy to use, interactive, and fun for businesses of all sizes and types of companies. And not only that, but the platform is also thought to be SEO-friendly, have powerful extensions, is strong and very scalable compared to its competitors.

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