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Create An Online Grocery Store App That Can Reshape Retail

The grocery store app is not just an app for grocery shopping but also helps to increase revenue by targeting a larger market by analysing the data of consumers. More information can be learned to increase sales with the help of digital marketing by generating leads of potential customers among the active smartphone users in the market. An online grocery shopping app makes it easier to buy groceries remotely from anywhere omitting the hassle of going to a grocery store or supermarket by saving, time and transportation costs. This blog article it is guided on how to launch a grocery shopping app which can be a great idea to make a fortune no matter what whether it is on a small, medium, or large scale. Also, various perspectives of grocery shopping apps are described in this blog article regarding the market size and the fundamentals to start such a business venture.

Market Overview Of The Grocery Store App

Online grocery shopping is of course a huge market in the world. The total market value of grocery shopping is about the US $ 1 trillion. In the year 2020, the percentage of sales increment in the grocery market is about 10 %, which means that it has increased almost by the US $100 billion. And during the pandemic in 2019, it was $34 billion. For obvious reasons, it has increased to a great extent during and after the pandemic. It is projected according to some resources that online grocery shopping will double by 2025. People buying groceries from grocery store apps after the pandemic are increasing day by day. The online grocery shopping app market might grow from almost 55% to 66% by 2024. Smartphone applications are the basic tool introduced in grocery shopping.

According to a report, the total downloads of grocery shopping apps across the world surpassed 106 million in just a month. It was the highest rate of application download that was found in the month of April and was positioned first on Google Play Store and second on Apply App Store. The largest E-commerce brand in the world Amazon reported that its app downloads have increased to 20 % on January 2020. Eventually, such growth of online grocery shopping apps caused grocery shops and supermarkets to have their own apps and associate with such grocery shopping apps. After the pandemic, the downloads and sales increased in such grocery store apps have been found to increase and many customers prefer buying groceries for their homes as well as hotels, restaurants, and outlets through grocery shopping apps as their primary way to save time, energy, and resources. The online grocery pp is increasing to US $28 billion by the end of 2022.

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Types Of Online Grocery Store Apps,

An app service requires two sides at least. Suppliers and buyers. There are also couriers. Here are the types of grocery store apps given below based on the types of sellers.

Small Grocery Stores

The small grocery stores generally associate with an online grocery app so that they can create newer customer bases along with retaining their existing customers. This helps them improve their customer’s experience and growth in their store business. The grocery store app helps them attract new customers and the barrier to their limited capacity decreases to a certain extent.  

Large Grocery Chain Store

The software applications for larger grocery stores are feature rich and have listings of offers, loyalty programs, online payment gateway, ordering, choosing a store, pick-up or home delivery, etc. These applications have geolocation monitoring which helps customers choose a store nearer to their location or of their choice. These apps help sellers keep track of the data of customers based on locations which help them send highly targeted pop-ups and notifications based on the information to increase their sales.

Multiple Shops

There are apps that act as aggregators to form the medium between the stores and customers. This allows grocery buyers to choose from different stores in one app. In this aggregator app market, the app service provider earns money on each transaction between the store and the consumer. Due to this reason the stores gather an online presence which helps them in marketing to increase sales by reaching more consumers.

Courier Apps

The courier apps help to hire someone who will pick and buy groceries from stores and deliver them to buyers. These apps do not depend on a particular store or group of stores. These are generally popular apps based on the gig economy. All the service providers here are contractors.

The grocery shopping apps can be divided into these four categories.

1.      Delivery apps

2.      Price comparison app

3.      Shopper list

4.      Discount apps

Benefits Of Grocery Shopping App

There are a lot of benefits if you develop a grocery shopping app. You can have the advantages of fast payments, listings, delivery partners, and a lot of other functionalities. Without an online grocery shopping app, it is hard these days to customize and scale as the industry grows in this competitive market which depends on automation. It also has an instant response which is supportive for customers making it an off-the-shelf solution under a low initial investment.


Sterling Technolabs will develop the perfect online grocery shopping app for your business which will provide you with these benefits mentioned below.


The greatest benefit is that they will make an app for you exactly according to your needs. And you can scale your business by customizing the model according to your and consumer needs. Such customization helps you stand out from your competitors. The app can be designed according to your needs, and you can choose the color of your app as you wish. As a result, you will have immense functionality to perform the best in the market.


Sterling technology will develop the app for you which will be free from any kinds of bugs lags and performance issues. Such a higher-quality smartphone app will help you increase sales due to the convenience of the service. All the unproductive things are omitted to specifically focus on the different types of grocery buyers. You can save money on marketing by developing an app using cross-platform technologies and high-performance frameworks which will bring the best service to your customers. Speed is the biggest factor in online grocery stores. It is one of the many reasons why people prefer using it rather than physically visiting stores to buy groceries. Within an hour this app helps you get your products at your doorstep.


The primary objective of adapting automation is convenience and cost-effectiveness. Since generating revenue is the goal of the business, the processes should be timesaving and cost-pocket-friendly. The smart grocery app design from Sterling Technolabs will make the user’s journey simple. As a result, your business will have repeat customers. The UX design of such smartphone apps will generate more opportunities soon to fulfil modern requirements.


The experienced team at Sterling Technolabs will develop an app that will be easier to maintain and perform better than any other solution because of their expertise in automation integration in businesses. The architecture and technologies will suit perfectly for your grocery business. There can be a lot of issues generally found in apps, but their team will make sure those issues are not there.


A custom grocery application gives access to a large database of consumers which was never possible before such a grocery application. Their tastes, preferences, behavior, habits, the products they buy from your store, their preferences, and the factors behind such diversities can easily be distinguished with the help of such apps. The analytics can be customized based on your customer’s liking to increase profitability just over a short period of time.


When you will collect the data about consumers, to target them as potential customers, offers, promotions, discounts, etc. can be given to certain groups of customers, and using an algorithm you can forecast the interests of consumers to understand what makes them buy your product. Personalized offers with pop-ups and push notifications can attract customers which will increase your revenue.  You can organize loyalty programs and allow bonuses for customers for each order online when they scan your QR code in the offline store.

Features Of Grocery Shopping App

1.      Profile

2.      Login

3.      Listings

4.      Search

5.      Filters

6.      Categories

7.      Voice Search

8.      Loyalty Card

9.      Bonuses

10.   Delivery System

11.   Payment System

12.   Transaction Record

13.   Map

14.   Notifications

15.   Support

16.   Reviews

17.   Favourites

18.   Cart

19.   User Profile

20.   Content Managing

21.   Order Management

22.   Notifications

23.   Pop-Ups

24.   Payments

25.   Analytics

Costs To Develop An Online Grocery Store App

The cost of an online grocery store depends on these factors given below:

1.      Size of the application

2.      Functionality

3.      Platforms

4.      Technology stack

5.      complexity

6.      Hourly rate

The features of such software applications take a lot of time and effort to develop. So, the hourly rate along with the implementation of features directly impacts the cost to develop such smartphone-compatible software applications. The hourly rates are basically dependent upon the location of the company. The cost of living is higher in the US than in European countries relatively. That is why the cost differs between different regions even though those apps have the same features and quality. A fully loaded online grocery app can cost between the US $10,000 to $80,000 depending upon the features you want on your app for the grocery business. Do not forget to consider about costs you have to incur at third-party licensing, payment gateways, maps, and the most important one, ongoing maintenance and updates.

Framework To Build Grocery Store App

Native and cross-platform technologies will do well in developing a client-side app interface. A native app will be of better quality but if your priority is to develop applications for both IOS and android, your developer will framework two apps programmed through Kotlin and Swift. With these, the functionalities will be more than enough. Sometimes, React and Flutters are also used.

Advantages Of Grocery Store Apps

Advantages of Grocery Store Apps

1.      Timesaving

2.      No unwanted purchases

3.      Compare before buying

4.      Find everything you need

5.      Buy in bulk easily

6.      Save fuel and parking costs

7.      Avoid lines and shop comfortably from your home

8.      Avoid making multiple trips

Final Thoughts

These software applications have grown in popularity due to the Covid-19 pandemic but after the pandemic was over, customers are used to ordering groceries online and due to this reason, the market for online grocery store apps is still growing Due to its convenience. It is a golden opportunity to start an online grocery shopping business. You can utilize the advantages of giving loyalty cards in their apps to increase more value of your store by retaining the interest of customers. In this article, it is mentioned how an app can improve your grocery store business. You need to have an obvious understanding of your business before developing a grocery app. This will make you clearly understand the market needs which will determine your business goals. You must save some money for marketing your app. 

With the growth of the industry adapting new technologies is extremely important to have a competitive edge in the market. The grocery market is exponentially growing due to the emergence of automation in the form of grocery apps. It is accepted across the world as a better business option than physical visiting. Because even if you do not have a shop, you can do it by renting or buying a warehouse. Because most of the business will happen online. So, develop an app, market it, get a warehouse and arrange transport service or hire the delivery person. Then you will be ready to launch your grocery store business and Sterling Technolabs will help you in the process of developing your app by employing their expert team and dedicated workforce. You should not miss such a golden opportunity if you still do not have your own grocery app or if you want to enter this industry. You will never regret investing in such a business model for sure.

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