Hire the Experienced Mobile Application Developer

How to Hire the Experienced Mobile Application Developer in 2022?

The mobile applications market is growing at a tremendous rate and is projected to strike 258 billion downloads by 2022 globally, but what if the individual has an idea that requires a mobile app developer to implement it successfully? No worries, we are here to solve every question of yours. Customers are more potential to utilize a mobile application than a fully developed website. The Statista Digital Market Outlook calculates that the revenue of the global market in diverse segments of mobile applications is advanced in the additional several years and is predicted to surpass $613 billion by 2025, making mobile developers one of the considerable demanded specialists worldwide on the market.

Hiring certified or professional application developers may appear an effortless task to manage from first sight, but in reality, hiring is a multistep process with numerous pitfalls that may cost the individual a reputation if the conclusive product is implemented poorly. This Blog smashes down the whole hiring procedure into smaller segments to enable associates successfully hire a mobile app programmer by building the most sophisticated ideas. Now, the central question is how and what should the hiring criteria be and where to find them?

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Define Objectives

Before you are thinking of embarking on the search for a mobile application developer, first specify the goals for which organization or individual is employing them. For example, developers can include the range of work in their participation from the moment the owner or authority starts describing the numerous navigations and functions of the application. Are you planning and developing the app for a current firm or a fresh start-up? Both cases are essential for an existing business, the app must reflect the brand image of the company, and for a start-up, the application will become the first interface of the firm. In both matters, failure is one of the options.

What Should Organizations Look For?

Market Research

See what mobile application developers are presently offering, operating, and delivering by doing little research on the market. Research at the app store to see what work has already been done on similar apps available that provide some of the similar features as yours. Get a sense of the costs and benefits. Examine the programming languages employed. When you employ a mobile app developer, knowing these fundamentals will aid conversation and negotiation.

Experience is Important

Check developers’ experience before hiring as they deal with a variety of mobile app platforms and complicated integrations such as payment gateway integration, mobile app, and web integration, adding protecting layer of SSL, etc., among other things?


Communication plays a core to working, whether building or outsourcing an in-house team. When the employer thinks of employing dedicated mobile app developers, understanding and standing on the same page about envisioning what the application is, from what the application will look like to the flexible and functioning with effective performance, is key. Numerous iterations can become the reason for changes that can lead to the not expected stage where results from the face and functions of the app can not satisfy your needs.

Ideas Understanding

The employer must explain a straightforward idea of their business requirements, the key concept behind the application, and who is their targeted audience. Once the developer understands all the mentioned aspects, they will be able to respond to your conditions accordingly.

Steps to Hire a Mobile App Developer

Confirm Your Budget 

Confirm the budget and list all your needs; platforms like Web, Android, and iOS take the foremost step. Choose whether you want to hire an app developer or a freelancer, but remember, before hiring, the individual need to be convinced of the choice that they are making. Is a freelancer enough to regulate the whole concept, detail, and needs of the project? Don’t wonder about even compromising on the concept, app design, functionality, and quality of the project due to money constraints.

You don’t have to expend an excess of capital, but don’t make the constraints too tight on the project. You should be a little relaxed but must hold a range that you specifically don’t want to cross. So, check the requirements and estimate the budget limit accordingly.

Look for a Skilled and Experienced App Development Team

Start looking for a skilled app developer or an experienced company, but most of you might wonder, “Where to find an app developer?” or “How to find an app developer?” The answer is hiring from Freelance websites, GitHub, Glassdoor, Dice, Toptal, Fiverr, tech blogs, online directories such as They Make Apps, job boards like Get Apps Done, or taking references from individuals you know. If we talk about one of the best sites to search for an established app development corporation, then the answer would be Clutch.co.

For hiring an iOS app developer, try the iPhoneDevSDK forum, and if looking to hire an Android app developer, try AndroidPit or Android Forums. Topcoder, Koding,  Polycom, and NewAppIdea are general application developer communities. Check official groups of Apple, Facebook, Google, and Windows developers or Platforms like Indeed, Upwork, LinkedIn, and even Reddit to help hire a full stack developer.

Interview the App Developers

Vetting or Screening is the following step in employing mobile app developers with satisfactory years of experience. You need to list out and select a few developers according to your application’s needs, but how to choose one? Having years of experience is not enough, need to find developers who have experience developing similar applications in the same niche.

You can look through their portfolio and even download and test some of their apps. Reading client testimonials or user feedback that vouch for the organization or the developer could be a foolproof method. You could contact them to double-check that this is a legitimate and high-quality service. In fact, you’ll learn exactly what to expect from the service.

Here are a few points that you should consider before collaborating with app developers.

  • Overall Industry Exposure
  • Their Reviews and references
  • Development process
  • Expertise
  • Legal process/contracts
  • Programming tools
  • Communication
  • Project management

Contact Company or a Developer 

You should contact the developer directly after evaluating them and their competition. Speaking with them can help you in assisting in making an informed decision. Inquire about their user experience, technology, design talents, and payment mechanism while mentioning your requirements. When hiring any developer, searching on google “mobile app programmers for hire near me” and hiring the top results is considered a wrong move; consider taking interviewing the developers you’re hiring to make sure about your needs and requirements.

A reputed agency will give you the option of hiring a dedicated team or a single developer after going through their resumes and interviewing them. Find the exact or identical skills and check their previous projects, experience, and client referral before employing a developer to construct your application. After the interview procedure, discussing the terms and conditions from your side and their side is a must-must.

Full Stack Mobile App Development Team

If you are willing to build the app with complete details, it is not closed only to coding, as there is more to building an application than just coding. Hire a designer to design the UI/UX, someone for business analysis, and a QA tester who will test the code of the well-rounded application and solve any bugs found; advanced working applications require a proper app development team.

Get an entire package rather than a freelance developer when it asks for the whole package from a reputed and named agency. The development team will perform the task dedicatedly that they’re hired for, and the entire process from planning to implementation seamlessly.

Employ Mobile App Developer or a Team

Finally, it’s the moment to employ the most suitable mobile app developers! After finding the proper development team, discussing the non-disclosure agreement is a must, which helps in protecting the code and terms and conditions. After signing the mandated documents, start your development process with the skilled members of your app development team.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Dedicated App Developers?

Hiring experienced mobile app developers in Western Europe and the United States costs between $50 to $200 per hour, and for countries like Nepal, India, and Pakistan, it costs between $30 to $150 per hour. The following table below displays how much experienced and certified application developers charge based on their experience and talents.

Mobile Developer Type DescriptionAverage Hourly Rate
Android Developer (Basic/Intermediate)– Skilled in Swift and Objective C- Skilled in APIs such as UIKit, Foundation, and Cocoa SkillsFrom $40 to $110+
iOS Developer (Basic/Intermediate)– Should know the Android SDK, Java, and the Android Studio IDE- Familiarity with frameworks, including Material Foundation, Ionic, and CoronaFrom $50 to $100+
Xamarin DeveloperThe knowledge of CSS, HTML5, Backbone.js, or JavaScriptFrom $16 to $55+
PhoneGap DeveloperExtensive knowledge of programming languages with .NET Visual Studio, C#, and XamarianFrom $20 to $50+

Hiring mobile app developers and building dynamic apps mandates a rigorous process associated with expertise. Ideally, a software developer’s team must include innovative UI/UX designers, including a modern technology stack, manual testers, and a team who can test the code of the application and solve the bugs. The goal of this blog was to answer all your questions regarding “How to find and hire profesionally skilled mobile app developers or an app development company?”. We expect we have successfully solved all your doubts. Still having queries, let us know in the comment section, and we will cover all your demanding doubts.

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