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Build comprehensive applications that are easy to use and user-engaging. Harness the power of Firebase’s extensive toolkit to develop secure and steady applications and deploy them across different platforms like Android, iOS, and others.

Why should you choose Firebase

With the Firebase technology’s detailed documentation facility and cross-platform deployments, developing and maintaining applications has become effortless. Keep a check on the flaws and the performance of your Firebase developed applications to boost your business.

Realtime Database

Users of the Firebase Real-time database may store and query user data. Users may then exchange this data in real time between themselves, making the process of sharing and accessing data by numerous users easier.

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Firebase Cloud Services

Users will be able to automatically run backend code in response to events generated by Firebase features and HTTPS requests using Firebase’s unique cloud functions, dramatically decreasing the amount of time and effort necessary to run programmes.

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Cloud Messaging via Firebase

Firebase Cloud Messaging is a cross-platform messaging system that allows you to send messages for free. In fact, because Firebase supports cross-platform operations, users may share data across platforms such as iOS, Android, and others.

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Performance Monitoring

You may see the features and underlying issues in your application by using Firebase’s performance monitoring solution. This necessitates the immediate correction of defects.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free application measurement solution available to everyone. This Firebase technology feature allows customers to investigate application consumption and user interaction.

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Application evaluation

The app check function of Firebase technology, as the name implies, monitors the performance of your application. So, have fun safeguarding your application and the data it contains from all types of online abuse.

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Our power-packed Firebase database development services

Worried as to where you can find the perfect Firebase database development partner to cater to all your business needs? Here is a list of our offerings that are bound to take you by surprise.

Cloud Solutions by Firebase

Firebase enables you to secure and sync your application and website data in the Firebase NOSQL cloud database. Seek the help of our experts to ensure proper applicability of Firebase’s functionality.

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Web development using Firebase

Build highly efficient applications for your business with Firebase. Allows our Firebase developers to harness Firebase’s offline access capabilities to ensure that your customers shall never have any complains.

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Mobile development using Firebase

Let your business speak to the world. Build exclusive business applications with the help of our Firebase architects and deploy them across different mobile-friendly platforms that are easily accessible to a larger audience.

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Cloud Firestore database development

Enhance the speed and functionalities of your database with Firebase’s cloud development solutions. Make optimum use of this feature with the aid of our development team.

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Firebase Migration services

Avoid unnecessary hassle with your existing applications by switching to Firebase database development. Avail our services to get a taste of quality migration services.

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Firebase Improvement Services

Upgrade your Firebase-developed application or website to the brand new cloud-based platform. Our Firebase developers will help you derive the maximum benefits from Firebase’s functionalities.

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Firebase maintenance and support services

Maintain your Firebase database-developed websites and mobile applications with our specialised Firebase database developers. Utilise Firebase cloud hosting to reach new heights.

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Custom Firebase services

Enjoy blending your preferred functionalities to design and deploy a product that can run on various platforms. Seek our assistance services that are flexible and customisable.

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Characteristic features of Firebase database development

Cloud Messaging
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Performance monitoring
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Cross platform implementation
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Cloud solutions
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Secure environment
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Quick bug fixation
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Realtime database
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Enhanced app performance
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Hire Firebase developers

With Firebase's Cloud capabilities, you can customise your websites, web and mobile applications, e-commerce portals, and other similar applications.Get connected with our Firebase developers with just a single click.

Why should you choose Sterling Technolabs for Firebase development?

The Sterling Technolabs development team has immense expertise in handling your product development related demands. We can recommend new ways and merge your ideas to create the product that you have envisioned.

Comprehensive Service

Sterling Technolabs provides its clients with the most exclusive and broad range of development services. Our Firebase employees combine their knowledge with your ideas to make your dreams a reality.

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Ensured customer satisfaction

The mission of Sterling Technolabs is to assist you in successfully achieving all your objectives in one go. No matter how much time and effort is needed, we are ready to put in the work to earn your happiness.

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Access to specialists

Each of our programmers is equally knowledgeable about the most recent technologies and integration facilities. This guarantees that you receive the best services for developing your apps, which are bound to help you obtain better results.

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Availability at all times

Sterling Technolabs has a team of developers working in slots throughout the day. This ensures that no matter what time of the day it is, you can approach them for their assistance without any hesitation.

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Our Approach

We divide entire development process in small milestones for easy tracking


Kick Off Research

Generation of ideas, communication, assessment, purpose definition, and gathering of prerequisites



Wireframing, UI/UX Designing, and Prototyping are all aspects of system architecture design.



Application of functional features, software programming, and optimization



Monitoring, debugging, and quality verification



Pilot, Demo, and Live



Integration of data analysis and efficiency evaluation



Surveillance, analysis, research, and all-around assistance

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Looking for more? Give a glance at our FAQs and find answers to your questions.

  • 1. What exactly is Firebase database development?

    Firebase is a technology that helps you build high-quality, user-friendly applications that function without a hitch on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, the web, C++, and Unity. Firebase, in fact, is a toolbox that comprises cloud features, remote configuration, storage facilities, Google analytics and a lot more.

  • 2. Can I use my Firebase developed database to store and share data?

    Firebase’s real-time database enables users to store and share user data effortlessly. The act of sharing and allowing multiple users to access data is then made simpler by the ability for users to exchange this data in real time with one another.

  • 3. What is it that makes Firebase database developed apps so quick?

    Firebase's unique cloud functionalities allow you to run backend code automatically in response to events produced by Firebase features and HTTPS requests. This, in turn, reduces the time and effort required to run programmes.

  • 4. How is free messaging in the Firebase Cloud useful?

    You can send messages for free using the cross-platform messaging service provided by Firebase Cloud Messaging. In fact, users can also transfer data between platforms like iOS, Android, and others because Firebase supports cross-platform operations.

  • 5. What is the purpose of Google Analytics in Firebase technology?

    Google Analytics is an open-source, free application measurement tool that anybody can use. Customers may look into how users interact with applications. Thanks to this Firebase technology capability.

  • 6. Does Firebase allow me to monitor the performance of my application?

    Using Firebase's performance monitoring tool and the app check feature, you may identify any underlying problems within your application. Evidently, it has become simpler to protect your application from all forms of internet harassment.

  • 7. Can you transform my existing app into a Firebase application?

    Existing applications can be transformed into brand new Firebase applications through a process called application migration. You can reap all of Firebase's benefits by migrating your application to the Firebase technology.

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