Features of Online Cab Booking Apps

Features to Look for in a Cab Booking App

Even mundane tasks, such as hailing a taxi, may now be completed with only a few finger taps, thanks to technological advancements that have made human life much easier. Given the rate of technological advancement, it is practically inevitable that digitalized transportation ordering systems of this type will exist for a very long time. It is believed that there are currently over seven billion people living in the world; hence, the market for these services should be enormous, given the size of the population. Nevertheless, some services have been highly successful while others have not. Is it not so? Let’s examine the factors that have contributed to the success of some of these services while others have failed to achieve the same level of success.

The taxi reservation industry has been on an ongoing expansionary trajectory during the past few years. This tendency is anticipated to persist. As a direct response to the stratospheric surge in popularity of online taxi aggregators, many aspiring entrepreneurs are contemplating creating their taxi booking applications. By reading this article, you’ll have a grasp of the essential elements that comprise a taxi app solution.

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Top Features of Online Cab Booking Apps

A Customer-centric Approach to the Booking Process

After the user has completed the registration procedure, the app should bring them to the home screen, where they can choose their ride. This screen allows the user to edit their profile information.

The technique for reserving a taxi must adhere to numerous rules, the most essential of which are as follows:

  • Capability to identify and register a pickup location
  • Using a Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine one’s current location.
  • A detailed map that, when seen, reveals the specified location.

Reservation Flexibility

After the customer has selected the form of transportation that will provide them with the greatest level of convenience, the user should be given the option of taking the ride immediately or delaying it for a later time.

To finish the booking process, users who need to reserve the ride for a later date will get a pop-up box on their screen in which they can select the day and time for the ride they need to reserve.

This is effective in situations where consumers find it difficult to obtain a taxi during rush hour and relieves them of the burdensome necessity of making time-bound reservations. This is a function that may be useful in a variety of circumstances when using the application to arrange cab rides.

Ride Feedback

In addition to the overall distance traveled, the user may be offered a prompt on the screen that displays the entire ride cost after the ride has concluded.

To improve user engagement, the application should recommend to the user that they provide feedback to the respective driver in the form of comments or a rating regarding their experience throughout the voyage.

The objective of the rating given to the driver is not for future reference but rather to assist the company in determining the level of customer satisfaction with the service provided.

Manual Drop-Off Location

The passenger must manually enter the drop-off location to allow the taxi app to determine where the customer wishes to be dropped off. This is a crucial step in the procedure. If you provide a destination in the “where to” field of the taxi booking software, the application will estimate the ride’s total cost and travel time based on that information.

After entering the right location for “where to,” the user will be requested to confirm the ride before the app searches for the driver closest to them. In addition, the app’s live GPS tracking capability allows the driver and the passenger to track the pickup position or where to locate it.

Reviews and Ratings

Review and ratings play a key role in assisting drivers in achieving the passenger rating and feedback they have earned, which is a crucial feature of their profession. Not only do the drivers write their ratings for the customers, but they also provide reviews based on how the customers interact with them. There is a comprehensive history of ride-sharing that enables drivers and passengers to learn more about one another via the use of ratings and feedback provided within the app. This is possible because the history of the ride-sharing community is stored within the app.

Compatible Multi-Platform

Utilizing a platform compatible with a range of mobile devices will make expanding your taxi business a breeze. A large number of people believe that reserving a taxi via a smartphone app is not only convenient but also enjoyable.

Through the use of a mobile taxi app, you will be able to communicate with your passengers so long as the app is installed on their devices.

There is a significant potential for the number of devoted consumers to increase while doing daily maintenance updates to the program.

Tourists rely on cab booking applications more than the local taxi service in several destinations. Due to this modification, it will be possible for your taxi app to increase its visibility by building relationships with a greater number of prospective customers.

Necessary Information

The Taxi App requires users to register by supplying their email addresses and cell phone numbers, which provides you with essential information. In addition, if users opt to save their locations and the frequency of their trips, you can send them personalized alerts based on the information they have provided.

By collecting all of these details on their next voyage, users can receive notifications from programs that provide coupons, discounts, and other bargains.

Utilization of Numerous Social Media Platforms

Clearly, social media usage is one of the most effective components of a business growth strategy. Utilizing the capabilities provided by social media platforms, it is feasible to instantly mobilize one’s product or service and disseminate information. Retailers now have access to many social media application platforms, allowing them to interact with potential consumers and the general public. One of the most important things that can be done to preserve a loyal client base is to always be transparent, open, and honest about the service and product they deliver. If some information were posted on the internet, it would have a big impact on the customer base, yet the company would not provide the services indicated on the website.

Changes to Marketing Strategies and Methods

As a result of the rise of online marketing, a wealth of novel opportunities for growing business operations have emerged, which was the fuel for their emergence. A substantial number of organizations, the management of which previously favored more conventional ways, have recently begun employing internet-centric innovative marketing techniques. Numerous smaller businesses are launching supplementary online and physical sites to assess and contrast the impact of multiple sales channels on their business operations. It is essential to continually mix and combine different marketing tactics to determine which marketing strategies work for the company, which do not work for the company, and which marketing strategies will lead to the firm’s growth and success.

Functionality Regarding Financial Transactions

Customers often attempt to finish the payment online; transactions using actual currency are becoming increasingly rare. Customers frequently utilize promotional coupons to achieve price reductions. When the passenger requests a taxi, he or she will receive an estimate of the fee, making it much easier to determine whether or not to use the service. Then there is something known as dynamic pricing, which is utilized when there are either an excessive number of passengers or an insufficient number of available taxis.

Even though taxi services are permitted to accept cash as payment, they must adhere to many established regulations. The information saved on the card must be encrypted with a very secure algorithm. Apple Pay is the payment mechanism available to iOS users, while Google Wallet is the payment method available to Android users.

Creating a User-Friendly Layout While Boosting the User’s Overall Experience

Everyone who owns an app has the same goal, which is to distinguish their app from other apps that are identical or highly similar. Consequently, greater consideration must be given to constructing an aesthetically beautiful user interface and a pleasant user experience. Remember that customer experience with a firm ultimately affects whether or not they will become a brand advocate. Your designers must keep in mind the user experience (UX) concepts while creating your program’s user interface. This will add to the system’s simplification, usability, clarity, and accessibility.


The available cash should play a crucial role in creating an Uber-like app. To obtain correct pricing information, finding the most competent mobile app development business is necessary.

After investing a substantial cost in developing taxi booking software, it is natural to expect a healthy return on your investment. Your objective should be to maximize the revenue generated by your program. Because Uber’s brand image has already been established in the market, you should not assume similar investment returns. If, on the other hand, the firm providing you with mobile app development services ensures that each of the difficulties mentioned above is addressed at some point during the app development process, your investment return will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

Emergency Contact Information

To ensure a problem-free and safe journey, the application must provide a safety function that allows users to enter the emergency contact details of any other individual.

Additionally, the user can share the information with the emergency contact each time they utilize the designated method of transportation. This is one of the most crucial aspects a platform for ordering cabs online should offer its users.

Earn Extra by Inviting More Individuals

Recently, the market for services enabling customers to reserve taxis online has grown exponentially. Consider implementing a referral program to seize a substantial portion of the market. When a user introduces family and friends to the service by providing them with a referral code, both parties are eligible for attractive offer package discounts. Users can invite family members and friends to use the service.

Users may also invite by email, SMS, or social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

A Section Devoted to Answering Frequently Asked Questions

Since some regions of the world are still in the early phases of adopting online booking services, the application should contain a complete and comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that addresses all queries that could enhance the user experience. This is because some regions of the world are just beginning to utilize internet booking systems.

Social Login/Sign-Up

Before we can begin providing services to anyone, we require everyone to register with us. Because each user must have an account, this is the case.

Incorporating user account information from social networking sites into the registration process is an outstanding concept.

This feature will allow users to add payment methods and record their most frequented destinations effortlessly.

Users can now save significant amounts of time because it is no longer necessary to record their information repeatedly. This relieves them of the time-intensive task.

Ride Details

Ride Details

Once the consumer’s reservation has been confirmed, they can view the taxi’s current location and expected arrival time. Additional information obtainable includes:

  • The appellation is assigned to the driver.
  • What make, model, and color of automobile do you drive?
  • The number used for formal registration of the cab.
  • Contact information for the driver of the automobile

Users also have the option to cancel their pre-booked cab before the driver arrives at the designated pickup location. If the user’s plan is subject to alterations that cannot be avoided, they have the option of picking this one.

Report Analysis Service Providers for Usage in the Organization’s Back Office

The data that may be obtained through the effective use of technology is of immense value. With this knowledge, you may have a profound understanding of how customers behave and make informed decisions regarding how to improve and what types of improvements should be made.

Exceptional Accuracy

Before the customers complete their purchases, you must guarantee they have access to all pertinent information on the fare rates. This has already been discussed. The “Ride Estimate” option, accessible to users, provides information regarding the estimated length of time and cost of the user’s journey. This option is provided for users. You may be eligible for bonus points if you incorporate a comprehensive study of fares and prices in your taxi app solution.


The qualities outlined in this article can help you create a functional app if you plan to develop a taxi-booking application. These aspects have already been discussed in this paragraph. Additionally, you may boost the likelihood that your app will succeed by incorporating several innovative features. The scalability of your solution is unquestionably attributable to the combination of these fundamental and advanced traits.

Due to the criteria outlined in the preceding paragraphs, you will be able to maintain your industry-leading position and continue to provide outstanding riding services to your clients. Utilizing these features is crucial to making your application more user-friendly and scalable. The success of your program will depend on how successfully it implements each of the features above and functions. If you combine these characteristics, you can maintain your market presence for an extended period without making substantial alterations.

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