Bootstrap Vs React

Bootstrap Vs React: Choose The Best Technology For Frontend Development

Choosing the right framework in a frontend development company for a project is very necessary. There are two great ways, Bootstrap development and React development. Selecting one among these two frameworks for frontend development in any project is a topic of confusion. Some developers prefer using similar frameworks for added convenience, whereas others love exploring new skills and applying them in projects that might result in business development and profitability. Therefore, there is confusion, “Bootstrap vs React for frontend development, which one is best?” So, to clear this confusion the significant differences are elaborated in this blog article which will help you choose the best technology for frontend, suitable one according to the needs and requirements of your web application development project.

Bootstrap Vs React For Frontend

Bootstrap Development

Bootstrap is an open-source toolkit used to develop frontend on the other hand React is a JavaScript library to design the UI. With increasing popularity and practicality in business use, Bootstrap gained a good market share which makes it a good competitor for React as a powerful technology in front end development.

Here are a Few Uses of Bootstrap Mentioned Below

1.      Microblogging

2.      social media

3.      Video streaming

4.      E-commerce

5.      Blogging website

6.      Location Applications

7.      Custom Applications

8.      Transaction Applications

9.      Messaging services Website Applications

10.   Responsive website applications

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React Development

React is also an open-source library of JavaScript with which you can build web applications and have very rich client interfaces. The flexibility that is offered by React helps developers in creating customizable components that are reusable. Thus, React offers rapid development increasing its capability for fast rendering of a web page. This ability makes this web page more SEO friendly and that will be a great use in making a light web application for complex business uses. It is also a good technology in frontend development

Here are the Few Uses of React Mentioned Below

1.      React JavaScript Web apps

2.      Video streaming systems

3.      Social Media websites

4.      Service tool Software

5.      React Native Smartphone

6.      React + Electron JavaScript Desktop Apps

7.      React + Ionic Progressive Web Apps

8.      Gatsby JavaScript JAMstack Applications

Apps Used In Frontend Development Using Bootstrap


It is a fashion magazine that uses bootstrap on its website. They use this because it is very responsive and makes the site run very well on all devices. Bootstrap 12 grid layout is used in it. For that reason, it fits with many content-based details just on one screen.     

Apple Maps Connect

Mapkit JavaScript is used in Apple Maps Connect which created its real-time interactive maps to use in multiple platforms. The Mapkit JavaScript uses Bootstrap and due to that, it has good interface designs for its users.


It is a ride-sharing company that uses Bootstrap grid features and drop-down plugins for its client interface website. This helps them to develop their website within a very short period.


This online money transaction platform uses Bootstrap and uses its pricing sliders to create payment forms while checking out, adding cards, and payments with its website.


The user interface of WhatsApp Web is also created by using Bootstrap which has better performance than the desktop application.

Apps Used In Frontend Development Using React


PayPal uses Bootstrap for certain things mentioned earlier in this article. But it also uses React JavaScript to improve its navigational workflows, bookmarks, and rendering their payment gateway feature.


The world-famous British media company uses React JavaScript to build their websites more user-friendly and easier to navigate for both smartphones and computers. Their website offers a fast-browsing user experience making their website very smooth on all devices.


The largest social media network in the world is Facebook. They use React JavaScript currently to run their ads through the Facebook ads manager. And an interesting fact is that Facebook is built with more than 20k React JavaScript components.

Netflix- The famous video streaming website used React to fix the performance issues and minimize processing times for a blazing start-up speed and seamless user experience.


The largest social networking service website also uses React JavaScript in updating its contents that as tweets from people around the world, evaluating user experience, and creating a UI that is browser-based. They improved the front-end of their website and introduced a web app version using React.

Things A Frontend Development Company Must Remember

Choosing the best framework is necessary for web development. You must understand the prerequisites and requirements of your projects according to their applications. To finalize, you must consider the opportunities and shortcomings it brings along. You will be able to decide after reading this blog which is most compatible with your projects according to their application.

Pros In Bootstrap

Responsive Design

The Bootstrap framework can avail the necessary features to create a perfect client interface. Such websites are very highly responsive in browsing and have attractive styles and structures that are compatible with various platforms.

Saves Time

During front end development, it provides the necessary documentation in excellent format on each component. And its easily accessible resources save time and energy by omitting the process of writing the code sites debugging very quickly. The CSS preprocessor is used during the customized frontend development process and saves time.


The styling components provide many templates for users, themes, and plugins. It also provides a grid system that is free and easily customizable as per the project requirements.


Due to the flexibility, it provides fantastic CSS and JavaScript compatibility. This enables cross-browser consistency to perform great.

Community Support

It is an open-source framework that is free and available on Github. It is backed by a good amount of community support which contributes to its development.

Cons in Bootstrap

Similar website templates – Usually criticized for having limited templates, making websites and applications made with Bootstrap look the same. Avoiding this similarity might require extensive manual customization which can be time-consuming and beats the purpose of using this framework.

The Similarity in Website Templates

Bootstrap is sometimes usually criticized for having a really limited number of templates. Making different applications and websites with Bootstrap look very similar. To get rid of this con, it is required to work on manual customization extensively, resulting in consuming more time and energy which affects the main purpose of using this framework.

Learning Curve

Developers must utilize time if they have little prior knowledge in frontend development. It is a bit time-consuming to learn such combinations and class components.


An excessive amount of customization leads to deviation from customary Bootstrap designs. It affects the consistency and compatibility of the framework.  

Pros in React


The React apps offer efficiency by saving a lot of time and refreshing the client interface for updating the data which eliminates the need of reloading pages.

User Experience

The React framework organizes the code for optimizing and increasing the readability of code in the future. Thus, loading speed is improved by eliminating the dead code very easily.


The separated logic and controls facilitate making components that are reusable. This makes the development of applications faster and a lot easier. For this reason, building complex functionalities by nesting components more comfortably.


React can eliminate the requirement of data updating in a real structure. It uses a structure that is virtual in updating its data. Due to this mechanism, the React apps perform a lot higher while there is no need to take any extra load to load the web pages faster. It already offers faster responses and a smooth user experience.


React JavaScript has the advantage of a huge community across the world. Everybody from beginners to experienced programmers like building React Apps. The main reason is that it offers great reusability of components.

Cons In React

Excessive Updates

React continuously updates with the newest versions and contributions across the world. Updates are necessary but when it becomes excessive, this affects its JavaScript library in conventionality and evolves more in coding practices which are a bit hassling for coders.

Code Complexity

JSX is the extension that is used in React which combines HTML with JavaScript. It has got a little bit of an old fashioned pattern for developers. It is also harder than JavaScript to learn when compared.

Focused Only On View

React JavaScript focuses only on view when you build an application with it. The controller architecture, view, and model, it is only focused on the view layer. That is why the integration of further tools like routing, and APIs are to be used as an additional platform for other parts of the application.  

Bootstrap Vs React

Performance Of Bootstrap Development

In frontend development, Bootstrap is famous due to its user-friendly interface in developing various websites and web applications. But developers criticized its framework’s vast library and underutilized resources. This leads to a decrease in the performance rate. But the good news is that it is immensely customizable in terms of features despite its heavily contained content.

Performance Of React Development

The performance of React is very fast because of its lightweight. It has enhanced performance in user experience. It works with individual components in a good functional manner. The component in its architecture helps build more robust performing apps in which the reusability removes the clutter of the code.

Security Of Bootstrap Development

Bootstrap is prone to threats. It is common in other frameworks too. Bootstrap is prone to XSS threats in general. Through the attributes of targeted data, the experts already reported and tried improving the threats in upcoming versions. In most cases, malware attack is possible in such frameworks.

Security Of React Development

In most cases React applications are more prone to threats from XSS, server-side rendering attacks, SQL injections, etc. The developers apply best security practices to solve this problem and are successful in many cases. React is easy to learn and understand to protect it using cyber security measures.

Scalability Of Bootstrap Development

It is the mobile-first development framework where it relies on making websites and applications that are very scalable. With the Bootstrap framework, many responsive website contents are being scaled. It removes all the bugs and issues relating to compatibility and codes are universal which is why it is dependable to many programmers.

Scalability Of React Development

React apps are built with all pure JavaScript the programmers can depend on old methods to set and manage the coding structure while working on a project to make it more scalable. Thus, React is a great way to design UIs that have the DOM concept and reusability of components.

The Capability Of Framing Complex Applications In Bootstrap Development

You know that Bootstrap is one of the popular JavaScript/CSS/HTML frameworks for frontend development. That is the reason why it can be easily worked on in building complex applications. It has a broad range of components like themes, templates, and many other similar and different resources, which are utilized according to the perquisites of the project requirements.  

The Capability Of Framing Complex Applications In React Development

React can support the process of building complex and highly interactive single-page apps. It also has the backing from the architecture of outside server-side renderings like Redux, Flux, and SSR frameworks like Next JavaScript. Therefore, you can easily make complex applications with react just because of its excellent code management capabilities.

The Best Technology For Frontend Development: Bootstrap Vs React

When You Should Use Bootstrap Development

  1. A project with a requirement for the responsive mobile-first application
  2. You want the advantage of ready-made components in a framework for styling
  3. In a short period of time, you are required to make an application that is complex and is compatible with multiple platforms and devices  
  4. You want to explore a new framework when you have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  5. There is a need for a framework with customization-friendly integrated opportunities.

When You Should Use React Development

  1. You want a strong server-side rendering in your application
  2. There is a need for a component-based framework in a project.
  3. Within the library, you want a framework with capabilities of debugging and a framework that is declarative.
  4. You need greater code reusability options.
  5. You are looking for a framework that eliminates the need for updating data in the real structure.
  6. You need a framework that omits the requirement for data updates in a real structure.

So, now you might have some idea on the topic of Bootstrap vs React, regarding which one to choose for your project. Both Bootstrap and React are very close competitors to each other. They both have good design and customizing options for the best UI design in website applications. Bootstrap development is a template-based framework for front-end development. It provides templates that are ready-made to develop applications. On the other hand, React development is a framework based on components. There are unique features and advantages that facilitate good performance. The perfect choice of the framework lies in the opportunities and the flexibility to create a project that has the most effective output. If you are planning to start a frontend development company, you need to adapt both Bootstrap development and react development to match the best technology for the frontend interface according to the need. So, with time the debate, Bootstrap vs react for frontend development will continue.

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