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Best Platforms to Pick for IoT App Development in 2022

IoT in layman terms can be understood as making a common appliance smart. Connecting an electrical device such as a fan, tv, refrigerator etc. to the internet An IoT ecosystem is made up of web-enabled smart devices that gather, send, and act on data from their surroundings using embedded systems such as CPUs, sensors, and communication hardware. Furthermore, The data collected from these web-enabled devices are sent to the cloud and are analyzed and derive meaningful information from them.

Although, there are a huge no. of IoT app development platforms, below are the ones we find the best.

Best IoT Mobile Application Development Platforms

Here’s a list of IoT development Platforms

Google Cloud IoT

Google Cloud IoT provides an all round IoT app development solution. It also provides management services that can be accessed around the world. This IoT solution is a well-managed as well as an integrated platform. It has a special feature known as the sophisticated analytics tool. It gives you the power to get insights in real-time. Making it excellent for IoT mobile App development.

Along with all the mentioned above, they provide fully managed infrastructure, Advanced data analytics, and business process optimization. Also, has end-to-end security, cloud-integrated services.

Microsoft Azure IoT

Azure is famous for its IoT app development and Cloud computing among big firms. Microsoft created- The Azure IoT Hub and Azure IoT Suite. They are great platforms for developers. It allows developers to work with a variety of operating systems and platforms. They can simultaneously design apps, analyse real-time data, and manage devices. Furthermore, it’s simple to use and has strong security.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web services are one of the best for IoT app development because it’s specially crafted for it. Moreover, it is the best-managed cloud for IoT development. Furthermore, This framework supports languages like Javascript, Embedded C, etc. Furthermore, it is possible to link a billion devices and sensors with ease with AWS. Additionally, it brings in the power of AI, ML, and IoT together to make your regular device smart.

Cisco Internet of Things Platform

The Internet of Things platform developed by Cisco is both simple and safe. It also provides other functionalities like automation, app enablement, network connectivity, management, network connectivity. Power management, smart cities, industrial automation, transportation systems, and other applications are supported by this platform. regardless of where they are located, Cisco pledges to provide a secure platform for connecting millions of devices all around the world.

Qualcomm’s IoT development kit

Qualcomm’s IoT development kit has amazing environmental monitoring and home automation. It is a combination of hardware and software. Qualcomm believes that its platform is the next generation because it is equipped with a number of cutting-edge technologies.

HP Enterprise Universal IoT Platform

HP Enterprise is a global IoT platform that allows consumers to connect to a secure and transparent system. It is recognized for its scalability, adaptability, and versatility. It enables customers to profit from data generated from a large number of devices as well as smart sensors, and it covers a wide range of applications.

Reliable data analysis, built-in application designer, market, simultaneous management, Secure monetization, and cross-vertical operations are some of the most excellent traits of this IoT app builder.

IBM- Watson IoT Platform

IBM has a name in the industry and it invests immensely in IoT Development and its ecosystem. Watson is the IoT platform from IBM.  IBM Watson offers its customers the best solution for all of their needs, including mobile app development services, device administration, real-time data analytics, and cloud databases. Moreover, It provides cost-effective solutions for supply chain management and payment processing. It truly is a game changer in the IoT development scene. It provides all solutions of IoT and real-time analysis of data. 

Salesforce IoT Cloud

Salesforce manages its customer relations with expertise and improves them with IoT solutions. They deliver personalized solutions. Salesforce makes it happen by gathering data from connected devices. For scalable, real-time event processing, it employs the Thunder engine. Lightning- the collection of its app dev components, powers its applications. It collects information from devices, websites, apps, customers, and partners to initiate real-time solutions.

It works hand in hand with Salesforce CRM, delivering data from connected assets directly to the CRM system, so context-based actions may be taken right away.

Oracle IoT

Oracle IoT is Platform as a service (PaaS). Used for connecting your devices to the cloud. You can create apps and connect them to devices with Java, JavaScript, iOS, REST API, etc. The ability to integrate apps, web services and its other cloud services is one of its pros. It can also filter and aggregate incoming data streams with its real time analysis. Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service synchronises data streams automatically. They identify each device with a unique identity. As a result, they can develop relationships of trust between devices and apps.

ThingWorx IoT Platform

ThingWorx is one of the most powerful frameworks for developing IoT mobile apps. They provide faster and cost efficient app development. Also, gives risk management solutions. The platform is designed to be flexible and scalable in order to accommodate future technological trends and advancements. ThingWorx offers a flexible deployment solution that includes entire application design, run-time, and an intelligent environment. It’s famous for its deployment for multiple IoT solutions and integration.

Samsung ARTIK

Samsung is a reputed brand that holds trust among its users. ARTIK is one of the best IoT development platforms. It is developed by Samsung and integrates IoT products with a large number of modules. They have products ranging from simple sensors to large hubs. There best feature is miniaturized solutions for multiple apps, accountability and scalability.


These were all the IoT app development platforms which can scale up your development journey. Certainly we cannot pinpoint the best since each and every one comes with their own pros and cons. But, no one will disappoint you.  It is totally up to the feature you need and the application you want to work on. These IoT platforms surely can build cutting-edge applications and smart projects. Hope the above mentioned list will help you develop great IoT applications.

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