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Develop the most exclusively crafted frontend products with the aid of a rich toolset in AngularJS.
AngularJS is the most suitable framework for application development. It is a one-stop-destination for all your front-end development needs.
Professional AngularJS Development Service Solutions

All-rounder AngularJS development solutions

Worried about having all your development needs met at a single point? Well, here we are, presenting to you an entire range of product development, modification, and management solutions to help you build the front-end developed product you have envisioned.

Why should you choose AngularJS for front-end development?

Apart from offering an extensive toolkit that is capable of providing multiple functionalities, AngularJS also enables the usage of MVW, data binding, routing, and countless other benefits that can help in the exponential growth of your business.


Data binding is a characteristic feature of AngularJS. It makes the entire process of frontend development smooth by allowing easy and automatic synchronisation of data between the model and the components under view.


These markers on DOM elements like attributes, elements, and the like can be merged with HTML tags to create unique custom widgets. Moreover, AngularJS also comprises inherent directives like ngBind, ngModel, and others.

Model View Whatever

Each part of your model ought to be assigned separate duties, but distinguishing them has been made super easy with AngularJS. With MVW, AngularJS comes really close to MVVM, or Model-View-View-Model, referred to humourously as Model View Whatever.


When the controller or the model provides information that is to be rendered for view, templates come into the picture. These renderings could range from a single file to multiple views on just one page, which can be achieved by using partials.

Deep Linking

This feature specific to AngularJS enables users to encode the state of an application in the URL in order to facilitate bookmarking. This bookmarked URL can later be used to restore the application from the previous state.

Dependency Injection

Creating, comprehending, or testing: you can achieve all of these with the inbuilt dependency injection subsystem in Angular JS. If you wish to perform such a diverse set of functions by learning a single language, AngularJS is the answer.

Our wide range of AngularJS development services

Finding a genuine partner has never been an easy job, and more so when something as important as scaling your business is at stake. For a hassle-free experience with AngularJS frontend development services, try out our special services mentioned underneath.

Custom AngularJS development

Customisation could prove to be of great help, essentially because nobody can understand the demands of your industry better than you. We use your experience and blend it with the expertise of our development team to craft unique AngularJS products.

App development with AngularJS

Build user-friendly and smooth-functioning web and mobile applications to increase the sales of your business because here we are, an experienced service provider that offers expert AngularJS development solutions.

AngularJS website development services

With the aid of inbuilt and custom functionalities, our team of professional programmers will assist you in creating dynamic user interfaces. This will help you garner customers and ensure they get quality service.

AngularJS Custom Widgets

AngularJS is not just confined to providing its inbuilt widgets for product development. Instead, it enables us to guide you in the development of custom widgets of your choice, incorporating features that can enhance the performance of your product.

Upgrade AngularJS version

If you are in possession of an earlier version of Angular and wish to transform it into the latest version to be able to improve the performance of your product, our version update service is something you ought to try!

Application Migration Services

An existing application can seem to be outdated once the latest versions are trending, which is exactly why we plan to aid you in accommodating the best features of different versions into your application.

Solutions for AngularJS testing

Testing plays a major role in the process of development. Our AngularJS frontend development team is capable of performing rapid testing and modifications, which helps save your time and resources.

Services for support and upkeep

The only way to retain the performance of your AngularJS developed products is to thoroughly maintain them and prevent them from being corrupted by files. To help you with this, our expert coding team is always at your disposal.

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The Advantages of AngularJS Frontend Development

Inbuilt services
Deep learning
Data injection
Whatever Model Viewer

Hire AngularJS Developers

Finding a genuine partner has never been an easy job, and more so when something as important as scaling your business is at stake. For a hassle-free experience with AngularJS frontend development services, try out our special services mentioned underneath.

Why should you choose Sterling Technolabs for AngularJS frontend development services?

We firmly believe that quality services must be the priority of every service provider. Our aim is to enable you to scale up your business by offering a range of services that will sort out all your development requirements at one single desk.

Group of Business People

Specified developers

Sterling Technolabs has brought the most skilled and knowledgeable coders under one roof to help you build versatile, unique and efficient applications. You can also avail of our customised application maintenance services for best results.

Round the clock assistance

Needs never arrive after warnings. We acknowledge that an emergency can crop up at any moment, which is why we offer 24*7 development assistance to our customers. So, do not hesitate to approach us, even at odd hours.

Customer competitive

With a huge base of national and global clients, Sterling Technolabs is one of the established front-end development service providers. We strive to help you stay ahead of the competition by pleasing you with our services and staying ahead of the competition.

Assured security

When it comes to entrusting someone with the responsibility of your information, it can be a difficult choice to make. But with Sterling Technolabs’ provision of NDA and ethical working team, you can rest assured that your privacy will not be compromised.


Looking for more? Give a glance at our FAQs and find answers to your questions.

AngularJS is a front-end programming language that allows users to create web and mobile applications, extend syntax, modify applications, test them, and even create their own widgets!

In AngularJS, one can utilise HTML tags to incorporate features. The platform also allows users to blend functions and develop their own widgets to suit their business requirements.

AngularJS has a certain feature called deep linking that enables us to encode the application in a URL which can later be accessed. We can also help you retrieve older functionalities from the URL.

AngularJS performs a diverse set of functions, with testing being one of its characteristic features. The Sterling Technolabs frontend development team has expertise in rapid testing, which translates to the fact that we can help you save time as well as resources.

By harnessing the power of inbuilt widgets and the facility of custom widgets in AngularJS, our team of coders will craft some out-of-the-box widgets to enhance the quality of your product.

As a reputed brand focused on quality, you can lay your trust in our capabilities. Moreover, you can witness the process of development and even request a trial of our services with little or no charge.

Being the latest version of Angular, AngularJS is full of attractive features that can modernise your app and improve its performance. For a well functioning app that is also easy to use, you can get in touch with our experienced programmers.

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