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A Complete Guide to Blockchain Development

Throughout history, under the table corruption is a common practice. A lot of transactions are made of black money. And, all records of such transactions are stored in some kind of database. But, such databases cannot be trusted since they are highly unreliable. Firstly, because we do not have access to such databases. And, secondly, the admin can change the data as he or she wishes. So they are not reliable. 

However, if we create such a system that is decentralized. In other words, it is not governed by a single authority. But, it is shared among all. And, a system where making a change is near to impossible. A system like this is trustable and highly reliable. Blockchain is such a system.

What is Blockchain?

The term Blockchain development was coined in1990s when its research started. However, it was implemented in 2009 by an anonymous developer when he developed Bitcoin with the help of blockchain technology. The boom of cryptocurrency started from here. 

To understand blockchain in simple words let us take an example. A shop keeps all records of items, customers, transactions, etc. in a ledger. This ledger can be compared to blockchain and each record can be called a block. Blockchain as the name suggests is a chain of blocks.

A single block contains 3 elements in them. Those are:

  1. Data – Relevant information. For example, the transaction details in the case of bitcoin.
  2. Hash – A unique code of the block. For example, the unique address of bitcoin.
  3. Previous hash – Hash of the block just before the previous block. 
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Why is Blockchain Secure?

A chain of blocks is stored in a peer-2-peer network. And, each node in a network has a copy of the entire chain. If a block is changed, its hash will also change but it will be disconnected. To be connected again the previous hash of the next block must be changed and so on. However, this will take a huge amount of time and is practically impossible. This makes blockchain immutable. 

What is Blockchain Development?

Blockchain technology is a distributed database across a network. Furthermore, it maintains the records of each & every transaction that has been made across the network around the world. Blockchain development deals with making blockchain protocols, implementing smart contracts, and developing decentralized applications. Furthermore, there are 2 types of Blockchain developers- Core blockchain developers and Blockchain application developers. Given below are 

Core Blockchain Developer:

  • Create Blockchain protocols as well as consensus protocols.
  • Implement a variety of blockchain features
  • Monitor and design the network architecture.

Blockchain Application Developer:

  • Develop applications on the blockchain network.
  • Develop the full stack of Decentralized Applications
  • Implement Smart Contracts. 

How to Learn Blockchain Development?

We have seen what profiles you can work with as a blockchain developer. Now let us talk about – How to Learn Blockchain development? Let’s walk through the entire process of becoming a Blockchain Developer.

1.Have a Background in CS/IT

Although, it is not necessary you must have a degree in Computer Science or Information technology. Moreover, almost every IT company requires these college degrees as a prerequisite. Furthermore, having a CS/IT academic background will help lay a foundation and help you under the fundamentals of blockchain development. You can opt for technology training programs if you do not have a background in Computer Science to start blockchain development

2. Learn Necessary Tech Skills

Before starting to learn Blockchain Development, you must have an upper hand in the following technical skills. They are really important to build the foundation of any kind of development. Given below are the tech skills you require: 

  1. Programming Languages: Start learning the basics of one programming language(Eg. C++, Python, Java). To become a Blockchain developer you must learn programming concepts such as OOPs, etc. A strong understanding of programming languages will enable you to quickly construct blockchain applications.
  2. Data Structures: Your Concepts of Data Structures should be really strong. Data Structures are used by Blockchain Developers to develop immutable and efficient systems. You need to excel in a variety of data structures, including binary trees, heaps, linked lists, hashes, graphs, etc.
  3. Databases & Networking: Furthermore, to start your Blockchain Developer’s journey, you must also have some basic knowledge of Networking & Databases concepts. It’ll help you to understand the crucial concepts of Blockchain Development.
  4. Cryptography: Cryptography is one of the technical skills required to work as a Blockchain Developer. You must learn various Cryptographic concepts such as digital signatures, hash functions, RSA algorithm, etc.
  5. Apart from technical skills, you must be familiar with web development. Web development will give you an overall idea of development and deployment on the network.

3. Understand the Front to Back of Blockchain

  • The Basic: As of now you have all the prerequisite tech skills. Now, you must study the basics of Blockchain Technology. You need to know about how it works, its applications, etc. You’re required to have a strong knowledge of its architecture and must know the concepts like Hash functions, Distributed ledger technology, Consensus, etc. Furthermore, you need to learn other crucial concepts such as private and public approaches, Decentralization, etc. There are many online resources where you can learn from.
  • Ethereum and DApp: Ethereum is the most notable part of Blockchain Development. Ethereum is one of the open-source decentralized Blockchain networks. It is used for running smart protocols and developing Distributed Applications (DApps) & Smart Contracts Due to its versatile nature it is recommended to begin with Ethereum 
  • Smart Contracts & Solidity: After the above, you must learn concepts like Solidity, Smart Contracts, etc. Smart Contracts are programs when certain conditions are met. They are used to automate the execution, without the need for any mediators and no time loss. Solidity is a high-level programming language used to write smart contracts. Vyper, Simplicity, etc. are more languages to write smart contracts. 

4. Hands-On Experience  

Now it’s time to implement your theoretical knowledge to the practical world. You must write smart contracts, develop your own Dapps to gain more exposure. Making such projects will help you get used to the platforms and tools. Also, can opt for certifications such as Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA), IBM Blockchain Certification, etc. These certifications will help you to analyze and validate your learnings and will give you great career opportunities. Moreover, You can join discussion groups to network with Blockchain experts and gain valuable insights and information.

Above are all the mentioned steps to becoming a Blockchain developer. The career scope of Blockchain Developers is bright as it is a rapidly growing technology.

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